White on how 'Money' makes so much money


Floyd Mayweather Jr is reportedly making $100,000,000 for fighting Canelo Alvarez last Saturday. That is more money than any athlete, or any performer has ever been paid for a single day's performance.

The bout is the highest-grossing PPV fight of all time, generating $150 million in revenue from 2.2 million buys. UFC president Dana White, who profoundly understands PPV revenue in the fight business, breaks down how 'Money' does it

“Let’s face the facts," said White. "Floyd Mayweather, when he was ‘Pretty Boy Floyd,’ not that many people were interested. When he became ‘Money Mayweather,’ he became this huge personality. I’m in this business. We create these shows to sell fights and entice people into these characters.

“I watched [Showtime’s four-part “All Access” series] show, Floyd knows how to do it. Floyd took this money side, he’ll go out on one of the shows and bring a stack of money and buy a car. And it’s entertaining. People, whether they like it or they hate it, they’re invested in the fight. one way or the other – whether they want to see Floyd lose or win. He’s done a great job of selling himself that way.”

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bhealthy site profile image  

9/23/13 6:03 PM by bhealthy

Money Mayweather is so skilled in the ring and out of the ring that hekeeps obsessed stalker fans like dana and his shills talking about Floyd and dreaming that they could be like him someday. floyds aura is bigger than TRT-fueled sporting events

Donoghue88 site profile image  

9/23/13 5:04 PM by Donoghue88

When Dana starts paying his fighters 40 Million for a fight, maybe they could start throwing cash around.When everyone knows you only make 250/250 it's kinda hard to play the Floyd role.

Unseen site profile image  

9/23/13 4:29 PM by Unseen

Yes black athletes have had very little success in ganing fans in America.

SpiderManBJJ site profile image  

9/23/13 2:23 AM by SpiderManBJJ

Mainly when they are black though. Its real hard for fans to get behind black athletes. Most want to see them lose or fail.Look in MMA...Jon Jones is dominant as hell but people want to see him lose.Same with Anderson Silva. Sure they are cocky,but so is/was every dominant champ.

YouCantHandleMyRiddum site profile image  

9/23/13 1:25 AM by YouCantHandleMyRiddum


Doback M3 site profile image  

9/23/13 12:47 AM by Doback M3

lol didnt Dana White do the same thing with his image from the first Zuffa show up until now??  Hes like night and day.  The biggest star in the UFC and doesnt even fight.

ChaosOverkill site profile image  

9/23/13 12:46 AM by ChaosOverkill

No one wants to watch a UFC fighter buy a sensible Sedan

JimmersonzGlove site profile image  

9/23/13 12:44 AM by JimmersonzGlove

Had a lot to do with the oscar fight...that put him on the radar to the masses and everyone loved that buildup show series for that fight.

BackAndLeft site profile image  

9/22/13 10:44 PM by BackAndLeft

Winning 40+ fights without losing has nothing to do with him being popular.