White: Not the time yet to decide Jones vs. Gustafsson rematch


Had Alexander Gustafsson beaten Jon Jones Saturday night, there would have been an immediate rematch. A Jones win was expected to lead next to a shot with Glover Teixeira. However, the close decision win means there could be an immediate rematch.

But now is not the time to decide, said UFC president Dana White at the post fight press conference.

"We've got to see how these guys feel, if anything is wrong with them, and then go from there," said White at the post fight press conference.

"When you see two guys get busted up like they did tonight, they don't even want to talk about fighting for a few weeks. You've got to let them heal up, go home, spend some time with their family and start to get that itch again. Then, they'll be ready to talk."

"I got so caught up in the fight, and people were yelling at me and stuff, and I was yelling at people, and I honestly didn't score the fight."

"I didn't say we were going to do the rematch. I would like to do the rematch. It makes sense, I like it. First of all, with a fight like this, you've got to go home and let things play out. Jon Jones isn't going to even want to hear the word fight for two, three weeks. I guarantee you that. Maybe it is Glover, maybe it's a rematch. I don't know."

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Tripitaka's Triangle site profile image  

9/23/13 9:26 PM by Tripitaka's Triangle


Ray Cappa site profile image  

9/23/13 1:54 PM by Ray Cappa

I say feed Phil Davis to Glover as a consolation prize. Do the rematch Super Bowl (homeboy) weekend.

FucktheUG site profile image  

9/23/13 12:58 PM by FucktheUG

How is he going to train for Jon Jones? Realistically here. He needs to learn the ground game and he also needs to work on his footwork some more to avoid getting hit with Jones' legs. Gustaff needs to train with some of the HW's, maybe JDS or CV?

LETMEBANGBRO site profile image  

9/23/13 12:39 PM by LETMEBANGBRO

I agree with this. Tired of immediate rematches.

Infamous Ed site profile image  

9/23/13 12:28 PM by Infamous Ed

They both got checked in the hospital when they asked him that question, no point of booking a rematch of one of them is out for a year

Cheatachue site profile image  

9/23/13 12:21 PM by Cheatachue


KingofBJJ site profile image  

9/23/13 12:13 PM by KingofBJJ

No immediate rematch.  Even big mouth Sonnen didn't get an immediate rematch and most of you 12 year olds think he is your Dad.

KOdClowning site profile image  

9/23/13 8:35 AM by KOdClowning

Doesn't matter what Dana wants.... he will have a paper champ, an illegitimate champ in the public's eyes - he will be forced to hold the rematch.

Vulva Fabulous site profile image  

9/23/13 6:55 AM by Vulva Fabulous

FRAT WARNING FRAT WARNINGYou know what I think? I say go balls out and strike while the iron is hot.....go for broke. Now, I'm sure you're wondering what the fuck I mean when I say "strike while the iron is hot". Well, here's what I mean.....and by all means, please feel free to tear me to shreds after you read my ridiculous, moranic, idiotic, impractical pipe dream off a stupid idea. After all of the “over the top" media coverage that the Canelo v. PBF fight recently generated, it made me wonder what would the UFC have to do to be on par with a Maywether boxing event/PPV. I'm talking about being in the same ballpark with the fighters individual pay, PPV buyrate, live gate, price of the PPV(obviously I'd prefer to stay clear of seeing this), and the amount of media covering it.So, I wondered what kind of a UFC event would be needed to generate the immense media coverage and monetary levels that the Canelo v. PBF received. Sadly, as of right now, it made me realize that no matter how popular MMA and especially the UFC is (and still growing) and regardless how many times we hear that boxing is dead as MMA trys to swallow up the money spent by combat sports fan customers, the fact of the matter is that boxing is still alive and as far as PPVs and media go, still very much relevant as we saw.So, while the PPV numbers are not at the level that they were during the Brock era, when they were at their highest....I understand a huge reason is because there's more events per year along with many more free cards being given to us.....and I know the media coverage is far greater now than it ever was...but as a fan, I'd love to see an MMA/UFC event receive the kind of press that the Canelo v. PBF got. I would love to see a "Night of Champions" super card to blow the roof off of any previous PPV ever held. 1 card where you have multiple belts on the line. You can have 3 or 4 five round championship fights on the main event, make sure you have Ronda on the card defending her belt (imagine luring Gina out of retirement to fight her), the HW belt, WW belt and maybe crown a new champion if they ever make a Cruiser Weight division and maybe have a legends fight in there. Would a card like that draw the numbers I'm thinking of? I don't know, but it's fun to wonder.I apologize for this ridiculous FRAT post. I know it's a stupid idea and this post is probably impossible to read, but I smoked for the first time in over 5 years and apparently I go off on ridiculous rants and punish other UG/OGers with pathetic posts like this when I smoke lol.

FedorEmilioEstevez site profile image  

9/23/13 5:46 AM by FedorEmilioEstevez

Perfectly put