T.J. Grant still suffering from headaches, 'fog'


A concussion sustained in training forced Canadian T.J. Grant to withdraw from a scheduled title fight with Benson Henderson. Anthony Pettis then took Henderson's title, but lingering effects from the concussion have forced Grant to further delay a fight with Pettis.

In an interview with Fight Now TV, Grant talks about the long delay.

"I had to make a good decision for myself," explained Grant. "Your brain is a different story. I still haven't trained really, at all. I haven't been on the mats, at all, for three months. I just want to do what's best for myself. I'm not starting training unless my brain is 100 percent.

"It's hard to say how serious it was. I was never knocked out, I didn't see stars or anything. I just got hit in the head. I put my head out to stop a sweep. But I also fought two weeks before and I took a couple shots in that fight too, so maybe I shouldn't have been training, I don't know. It just happened. I'm just looking to be as safe as possible and get myself back to 100 percent and then resume my career.

"I accept the risks involved with this job, it's a contact sport [but] I'm not 100 percent. I still have mild headaches, a little bit of fog. It's more of just the fog.than anything, and when you exercise it can make it worse. I want my long-term health, no matter what.

"This isn't fun, I wouldn't wish it on anyone."

Thanks to MMAMania for the transcription.

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MrMead site profile image  

9/25/13 12:24 PM by MrMead

A good friend of mine gave up the opportunity to play in the NFL after college because he had 4 or 5 concussions in the span of 3 years and had to quit playing after his senior year.

JeffJoslin site profile image  

9/25/13 9:55 AM by JeffJoslin

I'm pretty much back to 100% now. As far as my own training goes, I only do gi jiu-jitsu and if I take a bump to the head I sometimes feel symptomatic for a day or so but return to normal fairly quickly. I've been able to return to BJJ competition this year which feels great. I can also train cardio intensely and can lift weights again (that took a long time). Thanks for asking. The thought that another concussion could result in me never being able to exercise again played a big part in my decision to stop fighting. Thanks for asking.

Augustus Caesar site profile image  

9/25/13 9:28 AM by Augustus Caesar

Good points

Juxtaposition site profile image  

9/25/13 8:17 AM by Juxtaposition

Damn, hope he gets better soon. 

pantsless site profile image  

9/25/13 8:12 AM by pantsless

I'm concussed right now. It is pretty damn horrible. You just have to stay positive and focus on healing. Wishing TJ the best, and am glad he is taking the time to recover.

luctaro site profile image  

9/25/13 5:24 AM by luctaro

But but but he's just faking it bros!-The UG

88samurai88 site profile image  

9/25/13 5:17 AM by 88samurai88

Jeff UFC 73 was a long time ago and im curious, was that injury something that has been a sort of permanent thing that you sometimes have to deal with and live with or are you 100%? I always wonder the daily aches and pains Ex fighters/boxers,football players,hockey players etc. have to deal with way after their careers are over. My hats off to all of them,including you jeff. Thanks

88samurai88 site profile image  

9/25/13 5:12 AM by 88samurai88

Marc savard, the list can go on forever..

time traveling 12er site profile image  

9/25/13 4:12 AM by time traveling 12er

I'm surprised no one has posted the Dana White with a stack of money pic yet. Makes less and less sense every time.

ssj site profile image  

9/25/13 4:08 AM by ssj

thx for the insight