Miguel Torres looking for man who robbed his dad at gunpoint


Former WEC bantamweight champion Miguel Angel Torres made a startling post on Facebook. The 32 year old Carlson Gracie Sr black belt runs an academy in Griffith, Indiana, and has not fought in almost a year.

Miguel Angel Torres
To whoever robbed my dad at gunpoint tonight while he was running at the track in the Harbor, if I find out who you are I'm going to beat the living f--- out of you till I get pulled off. Anyone with information on who this perpetrator was, I'm offering a cash reward. No one f---s with my family.

Read entire Facebook...

Torres also announced via Facebook that he will be fighting on Oct. 26, at World Series of Fighting 6. Opponent has yet to be named.

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bigraydaddy site profile image  

10/1/13 12:42 AM by bigraydaddy

My son graduated from Highland in 2009. Highland's football team sucked. Lake Central is kicking as this year, as is Merrilville. Lake County is changing...all the way down to Lowell. Such a shame. Nice to see so many region rats here.

Gilkuja site profile image  

9/30/13 3:06 PM by Gilkuja

Hes said he was going to "beat the living fuck out of the perpetrator" doesnt sound like he was planning on using a firearm. Greatly increasing his chances of getting his face shot in the process.

The Engineer site profile image  

9/30/13 1:04 PM by The Engineer

So what makes you all think that Miguel doesn't have a concealed carry permit? All of the "oh My God, the guy has a gun!!!! He's going to get shot!". Thanks to the second amendment, bad guys aren't the only ones with guns.Anymore, more good guys carry guns than bad guys, and someone who trains to use their gun will almost always win out over a random street thug that doesn't. Kind of like the bar brawler vs the trained fighter.Last week in STL, three men with a gun tried to rob two joggers (a man and a women jogging together) in Forest Park, the man pulled his own gun when he saw the would-be robbers had one and shot the guy with the gun three times and killed him, the other two he shot once each (one in the ass), both lived and are being charged with attempted robbery and second degree murder because they were committing a crime in which a death occurred. Obviously no charges were filed against the joggers.Although announcing that he is going after the guy may make it seem a lot less like self defense if he were to actually find him and need to use a weapon, which is unlikely. And anyone who has done any formal training with a firearm can tell you, you NEVER go looking for a gun fight. I hope he finds the guy, but hope it's when the guys doesn't have a weapon.

Poet of Gore site profile image  

9/28/13 1:36 PM by Poet of Gore

people know who dangerous Gunpoint is, why do they still go there?

parrishmma site profile image  

9/28/13 1:03 PM by parrishmma

Im sure whoever it was reads Miguel's facebook all the time and is now running scared!!! It's funny to me how people post things on facebook as if they are really talking to someone. Sure, if its a friend of yours who actually reads your posts i can see it. But some random robber??? COME ON!!! GET REAL!

Kevin bacon site profile image  

9/28/13 11:30 AM by Kevin bacon

And this is how you get shot with a gun

TexDeuce site profile image  

9/28/13 10:11 AM by TexDeuce

Torres would be wise to let it go. That stuff goes on 24/7 in that area and beating someone's ass (though well deserved) won't change a damn thing. And more than likely, he will just end up shot looking to fight someone there.

Rob San Soo site profile image  

9/28/13 10:05 AM by Rob San Soo

Wtf going fight sombody with a gun ? Ok

Media Monster site profile image  

9/28/13 9:37 AM by Media Monster

Damn...living la Vida Loca

Gilkuja site profile image  

9/28/13 9:34 AM by Gilkuja

Fighters are so funny. Lol at threatening to beat up a guy with a gun.