Wanderlei to Chael: I saw fear in your eyes, heard it in your little girl voice


At the Olympia expo in Las Vegas this weekend, Chael Sonnen was signing autographs at a booth with a line of fans waiting. Suddenly Wanderlei Silva appeared, accompanied by a camera crew.  "The Axe Murderer" and Sonnen went nose-to-nose and ended up having to be pulled apart.

Now Wand has released a video commentating on the altercation.

"You messed with the wrong guy," said Wanderlei Silva, twice. "Now your time will come. I will get you. The moment I get inside that Octagon with you, you will see what I am going to do to you."

"You are fearful. You are afraid of me. And I will beat you up. I wanted to beat you up today. But I'm a professional and I don't fight on the street.

"Real men talk face to face. With me the talk is straight up. I will punch you face, it will happen soon. I didn't smash you today because I'm a professional, and professionals keep it out of the streets.

"Everything you said about me will have a payback. I will give this as a gift for my people. The beating I will give you will be a gift to the people. I will beat you in front of everyone who you've said bad things about.

"You will see what will happen, you coward. I saw the fear in your eyes today. I heard the fear in your voice when you started talking with that thin voice like a girl. You were shaking in fear. You loser.

"I didn't punch your face today only because I didn't want to. But when we step into the Octagon… I will not pity you. I will beat you up. I will hurt you, you fearful loser.

"You are full of fear. And today I saw the fear in your eyes.

"Your days are numbered."


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eru88 site profile image  

10/1/13 10:29 PM by eru88

Chael looked genuinely surprised at the start, I don't think he is that good of an actor. And why would chael be acting on this? this is not the fight he is selling. He can sell this fight pretty easily when it happens.

MrHughes1991 site profile image  

10/1/13 4:18 PM by MrHughes1991

Yeah Chael looked legit startled and then had sort of a how dare you type reaction. Idk who can say he looked scared lol

Slowshot site profile image  

10/1/13 1:45 PM by Slowshot

If this was real, you're pretty crazy to say Chael looked scared.He looked startled for a moment, but the instant he realized what waas going on, he was right in Wanderlei's face.I was pretty impressed actually, as that's not how I would have reacted, even to a guy I thought I would beat their ass.

bazza76 site profile image  

10/1/13 5:49 AM by bazza76

and on to WWE?

explodin site profile image  

10/1/13 4:56 AM by explodin

Everyone on here either loves Wand or Sonnen, many of us love both... But let's be adults here and admit its fake. I want it to be real as much as anyone.

TheSuperiorMan site profile image  

10/1/13 3:57 AM by TheSuperiorMan

I want to believe

Malachy Friedman site profile image  

10/1/13 1:28 AM by Malachy Friedman

pretty obvious whats happeningWand wants ppv pointsWand tries to create as much as a demand for the fight as possible so he can get ppv pointsso you got this no one really wants to throw down in public enough to get in trouble altercation

Wasa-B site profile image  

10/1/13 12:17 AM by Wasa-B

Fake. Staged, etc.

Punch Bag site profile image  

9/30/13 11:42 PM by Punch Bag

That's the way to promote fights! UFC needs to head hunt the guy at WWE.