Where are they now?: Gerard Gordeau

by Kirik Jenness |

Everyone at the gym went to a friend's condo at wondered what was going to happen. It was November 12, 1993.

We all knew the show was were going to be real, but didn't know what was going to happen.

First fight, this happened.

One of Teila Tuli's teeth went into the audience. Another stuck in Gerard Gordeau's foot. Gordeau also broke his hand from the shot above.

Gordeau went back to the warm up area, taped up his hand and foot, and went back out to fight again, this time against Kevin Rosier, and beat him down too. Then he went back to the warm up area and came out a third time, against Royce Gracie in the finals.

History tells what happened in that one - Royce got the takedown, Gordeau bit him, Royce sunk the choke, and held it as for a while, and won UFC 1.

It has been 20 years.

Telia Tuli, now known as Taylor Willy, is best known as Kamekona on Hawaii Five-0. But what about Gordeau? He only had one more fight, losing via heel hook to Yuki Nakai at ale Tudo Japan 95, and leaving Nakai permanently blind in one eye from a gouge.

MMAFighting's Chuck Mindenhall caught up with the Dutch Kyokushin expert in his hometown of Den Haag, where he runs Dojo Kamakura with his brothers Al and Nico.

Mindenhall asked Gordeau the two questions every old school fan would.

Did Teila's toothie really get stuck in your foot until you got back to Holland?

"Yes that is true, I had it removed in Holland when we came home," Gordeaun, now 54, told MMA Fighting via a translator. "And there is a scar -- not so much the teeth, but from infection. A bite from a human is far more dangerous than a dog bite!"

And, why did you bite Royce?

"If you go down, you might as well give him something to remember you by," said Gordeau, laughing.

"At that time Royce was the best fighter, yet nobody knew BJJ at that time and I made all the wrong moves on the ground. We were only use to judo and wrestling as a ground game. These days we have YouTube and all other sorts of media. We would have prepared differently if we’d known back then, of course."

"Last year Royce visited us in our gym in The Hague. It was the first time after 20 years that we spoke. No hard feelings!"

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ziggystardust site profile image  

10/4/13 4:21 PM by ziggystardust

Fuck Gordeau, he shouldn't be remembered at all.

KOdClowning site profile image  

10/4/13 4:12 PM by KOdClowning

If they booked Cody Mackenzie Vs Gerard Gordeau in his prime, you would be a FOOL to think McKenzie would win.

OneSidedWar site profile image  

10/4/13 4:11 PM by OneSidedWar

Yuki Nakai = Best Bantamweight EVA! Dude was 135lbs fighting HW's...and winning. Love Yuki...hes a BEAST! (Watch documentary "Choke" to see what I mean."

pheonix5 site profile image  

10/4/13 4:10 PM by pheonix5

I remember Royce saying after UFC 1 that going in, Gerard was the guy he was most worried about. At the time, the few people who did know what the Gracies were about thought Shamrock would be his toughest fight. In retrospect, the competition was No Rules. The no biting or eye gouging was not heavily enforced, with the only punishment being a percentage of your purse would be taken. Still, there's an honor code that two willing combatants should follow and he clearly had no respect for that code or his opponents. He got off easy fighting Royce. Had it been Rickson or Renzo I have no doubt they would have punished him before taking the choke.

RocketsRedglare site profile image  

10/4/13 3:58 PM by RocketsRedglare

Gordeau chain smoking and drinking beer in the gym the day before...

Kolsyrade site profile image  

10/4/13 3:16 PM by Kolsyrade

Gerard Gordeau is teaching kyokushin karate and kickboxing out of Kamakura Gym (previous gym of Daniel Ghita) He is the head of the IBK (international BudoKai) one of the minor kyokushin factions (itself divided now into two factions, one headed by Gordeau, the other by Jon Bluming. Long story). http://www.internationalbudokai.com/   He was originally kyokushin (where his best place in the world championship was among the "best 32"), then left and entered World Oyama -a kyokushin offshot- since kyokushin had a rule against its members fighting professionally. BTW, he had a bad rep as a very dirty fighter, even in his karate days.   sidenote. His brother, Nico (also kyokushin), was part of Schilt´s team preparing for his fight vs Zimmerman.

RattleCaT site profile image  

10/3/13 3:24 PM by RattleCaT

Hell yeah! Awesome info. Id love to see more of these " where are they now" articles. I remember watching Gordeau vs Tuli, went down to the old country store and rented ufc1, got home,?, profited.

The Butt Faced Assassin site profile image  

10/3/13 3:13 PM by The Butt Faced Assassin

so I remember that day fondly as a teen, sitting at our fishing buddies house. The match starts, he rushes, falls down and a kick and then....confusion. At the moment we didnt know there were teeth gone as the TV ppv feed was not available in HD lol. several arguments broke out among the dozen guys in the living room. was that legal? of course not theres no rules! Ref waved it! WHy are they stopped? Teeth missing according to announcer! Then the real confusion starts as the ref and officials and cut guy all try and hammer out a solution. lol. memories.Of course we wanted the karate guy to win! Fuck Sumo.

Blue Flame Special site profile image  

10/3/13 3:11 PM by Blue Flame Special

Yep, it was Gold's.Gotta respect Gordeau for what he was, an old school hard man. You don't find many guys that would keep fighting with a tooth in their foot, and for that matter, winning. He beat the crap out of Kevin Rosier.That said, the Nakai stuff was pretty disgusting. They should have asked him about THAT in the interview.

I LOVE GSP site profile image  

10/3/13 2:47 PM by I LOVE GSP

cool I was just thinking about this a few days ago, and whether he'd be at any kind of 20th anniversary events.