Ryan Coutture: No regrets on avoiding fight between father and Dana White


When Ryan Couture, now 31, made the UFC after a successful tenure at Strikeforce, his father Randy Couture had begun to work for UFC rival Bellator. UFC president Dana White let the younger Couture know that while he had a job, his father was not welcome in the corner.

Ryan went 0-2 in the UFC, and was released, but in an interview with Elias Cepeda, now working for Yahoo Sports' CageWriter, Ryan said he does not regret agreeing to the UFC's terms.

“I don’t regret the approach we took. I still don’t feel a need to be on anyone’s s--- list,” Ryan says with a chuckle.“Besides, with dad’s schedule and how often he has to be out of town, even the country, there’s no guarantee he would have been able to make my fights anyway. So, it might have been a fight for no reason.”

“My manager got a call from Joe Silva who told him that they liked me and the way I did things but that they have a lot of guys right now and they just don’t have anything for me right now and that I should go build myself back up with some more wins. That’s what I expected after losing two fights in a row.”

“I’m disappointed in myself for not performing as well as I could have. I know I can do better."

The younger Couture doesn’t yet know where he’ll be fighting next. Mid-level promotions like Bellator and the World Series of Fighting pay pretty well but their contracts may be difficult to get out of should the UFC ever become interested in Ryan again.

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ToneybyArmbar site profile image  

10/10/13 6:34 PM by ToneybyArmbar

Cindy O knows her place. She backed out of this thread.

Elias Cepeda site profile image  

10/10/13 12:05 AM by Elias Cepeda

Thanks again for reading and the comments, y'all. Always, always, much appreciated

RentedMule site profile image  

10/9/13 7:43 PM by RentedMule

Cindy has to know the implications of going against Dana's specific request of keeping Randy out.If he fought for it and got his dad to corner him he'd be on the shortest leash "of all times" when it came to a UFC career.

Kneeblock site profile image  

10/9/13 7:21 PM by Kneeblock

LOL. Cindy, you are exactly the type of road dog I'd want at my back if it ever went down.  Good piece Elias. I don't know how tight Randy and Ryan even really are, but if Randy's his primary coach, he should be in that corner.

MahatmaPetey site profile image  

10/9/13 7:15 PM by MahatmaPetey


Outlaw'd by Lytle site profile image  

10/9/13 6:51 PM by Outlaw'd by Lytle

TTT for a decent article, despite the shill's bizarre rants :/

Jasonbaldy site profile image  

10/8/13 9:52 PM by Jasonbaldy

Ok, I use to really like Cindy O but someone here called her a shrill for Dana White. Let me make it clear, there can only be one shrill for DW and that is me. Cindy, back off and stop trying to steal my title or its on.

Cask Strength site profile image  

10/8/13 8:14 PM by Cask Strength

Are you being purposefully obtuse? How does the paragraph regarding the NSAC making clear to him that promotions don't dictate cornerpersons not address your issue with his article? Are you seriously not getting the point that defying your employers wishes, regardless of whether those wishes can be legally enforced, can put you in a bad spot? Particulary with an employer who decides who you compete against, when, and whether you keep your job?Listen, if my dad and I shared an employer, and he screwed them over, I'd expect to get canned. I respect the UFC for giving Ryan a chance. Your post is just way disconnected from practical realities and anything Elias actually wrote.

ToneybyArmbar site profile image  

10/8/13 7:39 PM by ToneybyArmbar

Cindy's vision is blinded by Dana's nutsack.

ajl416az site profile image  

10/8/13 6:22 PM by ajl416az

+1good job trying to be an actual journalist