Shields wants to beat Maia at his own game


Demian Maia is considered by most to be the best jiu-jitsu player in the UFC's welterweight division, but if Jakes Shields has anything to say, it will be him after their fight on Wednesday:

"He's not really complex and he doesn't do crazy stuff," Shields said. "What he does, though, he does so well and so perfect. I've been watching videos of his fights and paying attention to the details, and it's just the details. You make one mistake and he gets something. … He has the same moves, but he does them perfectly."

So Shields will try to get Maia down and then find a way to submit arguably the finest jiu-jitsu fighter in the UFC, knowing that one false move could lead to a Maia victory.

Part of Shields' interest in going to the ground with Maia is just that, knowing that he's wading into a danger zone. It will keep him more alert and allow him to fight with a heightened awareness that in turn will make him better.

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thegreatone287 site profile image  

10/11/13 6:43 PM by thegreatone287

I would love to see a rematch at metamoris pure grappling.

JStrongMMA site profile image  

10/11/13 9:17 AM by JStrongMMA

Hmm...tell us more about how smart you are. :)

nyhcloyalty site profile image  

10/11/13 8:47 AM by nyhcloyalty


Pantarei site profile image  

10/11/13 7:50 AM by Pantarei

As I said, Shields bjj is elite. I thought maia won but Shields did a great job, really technical match

Fox censored my Chael screen name site profile image  

10/10/13 1:03 AM by Fox censored my Chael screen name

    Did my post make anyone change their bets and win some money? Lynchman?   Did anyone see what I did there?

caseharts site profile image  

10/9/13 11:24 PM by caseharts

I recanted everything but to be honest there needs to be an overhaul to the scoring system. I need to rewatch that fight and I apologized for being a dick but I don't think what he constitutes as winning.

XcessiveZ site profile image  

10/9/13 11:23 PM by XcessiveZ

That is just not true.Could have easily been 1,2,3,5 Shields.It was a close fight.Shields always managed to find his way out of trouble and end up controlling Maia on the ground.He tried to pass but it's Damian Maia.Close fight on the feet too.Not even close to a robbery.Maia wasn't doing anything more than Shields.

caseharts site profile image  

10/9/13 10:56 PM by caseharts

Il recant all my statements until I rewatch it but I'm very upset that that was considered winning.

EKPOGI site profile image  

10/9/13 10:55 PM by EKPOGI


JStrongMMA site profile image  

10/9/13 10:52 PM by JStrongMMA

Thank you, sir. From one intelligent MMA fan to another.