Documentary stirs ghosts still haunting Shamrock


Tonight Spike TV will debut a special documentary, Frank Shamrock: Bound by Blood, which takes an in depth look at the life and career of the former UFC champion. Shamrock also confronts his past when he sits on one one with foster brother Ken Shamrock, whom he hadn't spoken to in fifeteen years. Sports Illustrated's Loretta Hunt was privy to the documentary early and expressed her thoughts in this piece of

As the documentary climaxes to the dramatic final sit-down between estranged adoptive brothers (sadly, whittled down from 90 to nine minutes), there's no denying that substantial emotional wreckage has piled up on both sides. This runs much deeper than sibling rivalry. There is talk of humiliation, of cowardice, of jealousy and family betrayal. It's a riveting discussion between two athletes recognized for their theatrics, (whether subtle or not), which makes it difficult to predict whether the tete-a-tete will ring completely authentic among more skeptical viewers, especially when the subject of a potential fight is reintroduced.

Motivations might be questioned: both were compensated to participate in this project. However, neither Frank nor Ken suggested Ken's inclusion at the project's inception, said Spike TV Executive Producer Terry Minogue.

"In our first production meetings, I asked if we could at least get Ken on camera," said Minogue. "When we found out from Frank that they hadn't spoken in years, that's when we broached reuniting them on camera. Getting them both in the same room together was the only thing that was produced about that."

Why Frank and Ken couldn't have met behind closed doors, away from the lights and cameras and paychecks will be a topic for debate. We can all believe that some things are best left out of the public eye, but that's easier said than done. For those that have spent most of their lives in the spotlight, maybe this is where they feel the safest. In the end, it's Ken who probably puts it best.

"I'm not sure we could have gotten it done any other way than like this, face-to-face," Ken says, as he drives away from the scene. "No way of skirting around."

For MMA enthusiasts, Shamrock will be an enlightening hour. It also takes a more serious tone than Spike's previous MMA programming. But at its heart, Shamrock is not about MMA. It's about love and hurt, and finding forgiveness and acceptance in the face of dysfunction. For Frank, on his own road of self-improvement, it was about finding peace.

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badboyhere site profile image  

10/13/13 2:13 AM by badboyhere

damn good     just watched it

PUBLICnoose site profile image  

10/12/13 10:08 AM by PUBLICnoose

I liked it a lot

toddiejasl site profile image  

10/12/13 6:52 AM by toddiejasl


CapnKindBud site profile image  

10/12/13 6:29 AM by CapnKindBud

I thought that it was a great show. It was done very well. I enjoyed it emmensely.

Fox censored my Chael screen name site profile image  

10/12/13 1:52 AM by Fox censored my Chael screen name

Key notes(but really you have to watch, often the term "must see" is thrown around, but this really is a must watch)   -Show builds up to a meeting with Frank/Ken who haven't spoken in years. Won't tell you if they fight or talk or both, but I will tell you, one of the brother's proposed a fight.   -Really explains the fallout of Frank/Ken from both sides   -Talks about Frank's early life, doesn't shy away from some pretty bad stuff both personal and criminal.   -Shows many interviews with Lions Den fighters, Javier Mendez(AKA/Cain's head coach/manager), Stephen Quadros, Marallo Renallo, Bas Rutten, Tito Ortiz   -Highlights Frank Shamrock's career. Shows how Frank Shamrock predicted armbarring Eugene Jackson, predicting finishing Tito in the 4th or 5th with his rope-a-dope strategy, and most famously, beating Phil Baroni but before doing so, making the "sleep" motion with his hands basically telling Baroni, "You're going to sleep", then minutes later Baroni was sleeping.    

Fox censored my Chael screen name site profile image  

10/12/13 1:40 AM by Fox censored my Chael screen name   That, was fucking AMAZING!!! Awesome watch, and man do I have new respect for Ken. He has made me disagree with him initially on many things only for me to eventually realize he was right.   Frank is definitely human. Kind of surprising someone like him could have self doubt but I guess it means a lot to have a good father influence. Makes me feel good about taking my 2 sons to multiple playgrounds today and playing football with 8 other kids for over an hour.

CindyO site profile image  

10/12/13 1:10 AM by CindyO

My man! Voted up!Cindy

Fox censored my Chael screen name site profile image  

10/12/13 12:55 AM by Fox censored my Chael screen name

At the 12 minute 57 mark there is a picture of 8 guys. Top row is I think(Bohlander) For sure 2nd guy(left to right) is Telligman, then Guy Mezger, then Frank, then Pete Williams, then Vernon White Bottom row is Mikey Burnett and who?     Basically is the top left guy Bohlander or someone else?(who) And who is the guy next to Mikey Burnett?

Fox censored my Chael screen name site profile image  

10/12/13 12:49 AM by Fox censored my Chael screen name

Awesome, THANK YOU Quality, Quality post!   Just got done watching the first part, was going to multi task and watch but I'm glued to this program!

quality site profile image  

10/11/13 11:30 PM by quality

I missed it but has the full episode . I'm going to watch it now.