Former coach: Palhares hurt people in the gym 'a lot'


John Joe O'Regan does it again, securing an interview with Rousimar Palhares's former coach the great Murilo Bustamante, head of the Brazilian Top Team. Bustamante says that he was not surprised when Palahares held a hook too long on Wed vs. Mike Pierce. Bustamante says a tendency to do the same thing in training, injuring teammates played a role in Palhares's switch last year from BTT to Team Nogueira.

“I wouldn’t normally say anything because usually what happens inside Brazilian Top Team stays inside Brazilian Top Team," said Bustamante. "But Rousimar has been talking a lot of bulls--- about my team so I feel I am free to say what I think as well."

“In the beginning I thought it was because he was naive or had too much nervous energy during the fights.

“But then he caused a lot of incidents inside my academy during his camps and I changed my mind. I got tired of seeing how he hurts people so often when he is sparring, especially when he has a fight coming up. We used to argue every time it happened, so we argued a lot.

“That was a reason - together with his nonsense excuses every time he lost a fight - that our relationship started to get bitter.

“I actually hired a psychologist to help me with him but, as we have seen, it didn't work.”

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In an interview with MMAJunkie, Palhares' manager Alex Davis responded.

I never, ever get involved in the relationship between a fighter and his camp. That being said, I do know why Rousimar left that team, and let me make it clear that it was not Murilo that asked him to leave. Rousimar left because he felt he was not evolving as a fighter, and there were other fighters who left that camp around that time for the same reason.

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MIKE CIESNOLEVICZ site profile image  

10/18/13 1:46 AM by MIKE CIESNOLEVICZ

I will take Sperrys word as he was the real guy running BTT. Its ok to admit you are wrong. Let it go friend, let your ego go.

MIKE CIESNOLEVICZ site profile image  

10/18/13 1:44 AM by MIKE CIESNOLEVICZ

I win, you lose, cya! BOOM

Bucephalus site profile image  

10/18/13 1:32 AM by Bucephalus

Obviously logic isn't your strong suit, is it Mike?1. Just because he didn't hurt someone on thursday and friday, doesn't mean he didn't hurt them on wednesday. 2. He was with Murillo far longer than the Nog brothers. 3. The Nogs have a financial interest in defending him.4. Even Murillo has said that his tendency to hurt opponents and training partners was worse than it is now. He acknowledged that Palhares has made improvements. So it's not surprising if his new coach hasn't seen a pattern. The point is that he has a history of doing it and he just did it again.5. It's not just his former coach saying these things and it's not just words. There are a lot of people who have witnessed it over the years and there is video evidence to back it up.6. This is the second time he was suspended by an athletic commission for the same problem.7. Renzo has spit on his opponent during a fight and stepped on the neck of an opponent after choking him out. He's not exactly the best person to comment on the issue.If it was just one of the above or even a few of the above, then there would be an argument, but the evidence is everywhere. Regardless of why he does it, he does it... and that's all that matters.

MIKE CIESNOLEVICZ site profile image  

10/18/13 1:10 AM by MIKE CIESNOLEVICZ

How about the fact Sperry, Nog brothers and Renzo all think the opposite of Toquinho. Like I said before Murilo seems bitter. Sperry said he never remembers him hurting anyone and even being hurt more by other guys. BOOM! How you like them apples!? :)

DatSpider site profile image  

10/14/13 8:27 AM by DatSpider

What? How is it at all Murilo's fault? Only Palharas is responsible for Palhares' actions. Saying otherwise is moronic.Murilo even went the extra mile, after discussions between the two didn't help solve the problem, by hiring a psychologist to help Palhares weed out his troublesome mindset. It shows he genuinely wanted to help him.

Jody site profile image  

10/14/13 6:45 AM by Jody

Lol...You're the one that deserves the vote down. If you knew anything about the fight game, you'd know that Carlson was 100% wrong in that argument.A trainer doesn't get paid for training a fighter for a fight, if he didn't actually train the guy for the fight, period. After Emanuel Steward quit training De Le Hoya, De Le Hoya quit paying for being trained for fights.There are no lifetime obligations in the fight game.

Bucephalus site profile image  

10/14/13 5:24 AM by Bucephalus

You're on a roll, Mikey.. Don't stop!

TheLuckyMilkMan site profile image  

10/14/13 3:57 AM by TheLuckyMilkMan

Just from what palhares shows us in the ring he deserves to be cut.... then there is everything else.

canofsticks site profile image  

10/13/13 6:05 PM by canofsticks

Maybe it was one of those "he left before he got kicked out" situations. I'm not pretending to know the details of the situation. Just didn't sound bitter to me, is all.

Bellator Fan site profile image  

10/13/13 5:59 PM by Bellator Fan

Then why didn't Murilo kick him out? It wasn't a real problem until Palhares left obviously.