Manager: Crucifixion of Palhares gone too far


Rousimar Palhares' manager Alex Davis is one of the most principled figures in mixed martial arts. In his latest article at MMAJunkie, Davis says that the reaction over 'Toquinho' holding the heel hook too long has gone too far.

I'm not defending Rousimar's actions. He did wrong in holding Mike Pierce's ankle that long. But this situation is being way over blown. Rousimar has already been punished. He was denied an obvious "Submission of the Night" bonus, and he was given a four-month suspension by the CABMMA. But this guy is being crucified in the court of public opinion and turned into something he is not: a mean, monstrous person who is out to hurt people. This is simply not the truth.

Dana White got very upset over the incident and cut Rousimar. I get it. I get his perspective. But we were not sent a release letter, nor did we get a phone call. We found out on Twitter. That's a first for me! And then all these people out there crying and whining!

Come on! This has turned into one of the biggest bashing sessions in MMA history. People are gaining media at this guy's expense; that's whats happening.

Rousimar does not do this on purpose. He does it unconsciously. But he will have learned his lesson, and he will fight with his head on, and he will beat everyone put in front of him – maybe in a nicer way! And when this happens, I will remind the world of all of this: There are many truths in this situation. Rousimar has been turned from a transgressor to a victim of public opinion and people's ignorance.

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Affliction Blackbelt site profile image  

10/14/13 9:29 AM by Affliction Blackbelt

At this rate of crucifixion Vitor will give praise to Palhares in his next post fight speech.

flipmode site profile image  

10/14/13 9:19 AM by flipmode


Bucephalus site profile image  

10/14/13 6:58 AM by Bucephalus

Palhares has been ignoring the rules and hurting training partners and opponents in MMA and sport grappling for the better part of a DECADE.. yet he is suddenly a victim within a week of being suspended for the THIRD time by an athletic commission? Poor Rousimar!Too bad he has been CANNED and will never step foot in the octagon again. It's so unfair. His career is essentially over. It won't be possible to make it long term in MMA fighting in local shows. Maybe he can pick up some side work cleaning gyms. I heard that janitorial work is a pretty steady gig.Either way, all the best to Rousimar! He is a true hero and inspiration to many and will stand as a shining example that it's possible to make it to the big show even if you suffer from significant shortcomings and mental deficiencies.

Diesel67 site profile image  

10/13/13 9:13 PM by Diesel67

And if his next opponent is terrified of getting his leg ripped off, Palhares is likely to win. WAR PAUL HARRIS!

jacktripper site profile image  

10/13/13 7:28 PM by jacktripper

IMO it's an absolutely calculated strategy on his part... He wants to end a career and terrify any opponent that he faces

sgotwalks site profile image  

10/13/13 7:13 PM by sgotwalks

The dude unecessarly hinders fighters chances of earning their livlihood, and he is a repeat offender.........and kind of retarded or something. The dude is off.

TheVileOne site profile image  

10/13/13 6:49 PM by TheVileOne

If Palhares hasn't learned his lesson in several years, how will he learn it now?

ggddcc site profile image  

10/13/13 6:45 PM by ggddcc

I said the same thing about Bustamante's comments. People are already misconstruing the fact that Toquiho left BTT into Toquinho was kicked out of BTT for being rough. That just did not happen. People are too emotional about the whole thing rather than looking at the facts. Of course, the facts can ruin a good story.....

groundfighter2000 site profile image  

10/13/13 4:20 PM by groundfighter2000


dermotfix site profile image  

10/13/13 2:35 PM by dermotfix

Found out via Twitter?Bush league shit from dfw.