How to break a bat with one kick


Muay Thai legend Melchor Menor, joins Team Tate as a guest trainer and shows the team how to accept and block pain while breaking a baseball bat with a kick.


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Kolsyrade site profile image  

12/11/13 8:16 PM by Kolsyrade

Koen scharrenberg, head of the european branch of Shin-kyokushin, breaking 23 bats (one at a time) to set a new record. I think the guy walking in with him is his brother Wim Scharrenberg, former kyokushin&kick/thaiboxer -now trainer for the dutch kyokushin national team and some Pro kick/thaiboxers (Falidr Chahbari most notably)

Tomas Andersson site profile image  

10/16/13 1:58 PM by Tomas Andersson

Has anoyone been stabbed in the side of the neck after the break?

Fast Pitch site profile image  

10/16/13 1:51 PM by Fast Pitch

LOL @ the noobs who thought this was something new.Kyokushin karate black belts have been doing this for decades.

Hardrock site profile image  

10/16/13 12:44 PM by Hardrock

Moti Horenstein world record bat breaking

GC111 site profile image  

10/16/13 5:26 AM by GC111

Aluminum batWhat's this setup with 2 guys laying on the ground?

Kolsyrade site profile image  

10/16/13 2:25 AM by Kolsyrade

Banana plants are not actually trees. They do not have a wooden trunk, but rather a stem. It is flexible, soft and not at all like a real tree.   That said, there are guys who train by kicking and punching real trees (0,37 sec mark) Here is Hatsuo Royama of Kyokushin karate in a old clip, conditioning knuckles on a pine tree. I have better clips of kyokushin punching and kicking trees as knuckle&shin conditioning, but sadly not available online.

Joeymarvelous site profile image  

10/15/13 9:52 PM by Joeymarvelous

It's real, but they use banana trees, much softer, more flexible bark. Still pretty savage, though

Joeymarvelous site profile image  

10/15/13 9:49 PM by Joeymarvelous

Make sure you all try this at home, kids

KingofBJJ site profile image  

10/15/13 6:50 PM by KingofBJJ

Okay Kung Fu flicks aside, does anyone know if some of those folks from the 3rd world (Thailand, Phillipines etc.) really used to kick trees with their shins to make them harder? I tried that when I was teen and even when done someone what gently is a bitch.

3 Sided Square site profile image  

10/14/13 4:00 PM by 3 Sided Square

That's how powerful it was, it got the wrong result on Google.