Sonnen: Don't bring up God


Chael Sonnen is one of MMA's most talked about athletes, and maybe because he's also one of MMA's most vocal. Sonnen recently sat for exclusively interview with and discussed how he promotes fights and has advice for his peers:

Borchardt: Based on what your saying here, one thing I've noticed as a fan myself over the years is that when fighters show a genuine emotion, it allows fans to emotionally invest in that fighter. I think that's what a lot of people miss out on with those canned answers.

Sonnen: It's obvious. It's very obvious when they do that.

Borchardt: Where does that attitude come from in MMA? Is it something to do with the martial arts mentality or the mentality from amateur wrestling?

Sonnen: I think that what you've just guessed is certainly a part of it. Somewhere one of the, as they like to call them "the pioneers" -- which simply means the old guys -- somebody started that phenomenon about "this is how we answer things, and this is about testing our skills" and all of that crap. The domino effect happened and 20 years later here we are still doing that. I don't get it, I don't like it.

We're not in class. You don't have to give the teacher the answer that you think the teacher wants to hear. We can have an open debate, we can have an open discussion. Just be yourself.

Every now and then in this industry you're going to run into a Shane Carwin, that just turns out he's a really nice person. But, those guys are few and far between, man.

These guys are fist fighting in a steel cage for a paycheck and the applause of a drunken audience. Don't pretend to be something you're not.

And don't bring up God. As a devout Catholic I'm tremendously offended when somebody acts as though God is playing a hand in a fistfight on Saturday night. Newsflash people: God has better things to do.

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fishyfish site profile image  

10/15/13 3:04 PM by fishyfish

grasshopper, Agnosticism might open your mind. its etymological definition is "starting with an empty (open) cup".as for "Religion", it is tragic and paradoxical that its very ETYMOLOGY is generally forgotten.fortunately we have the freedom to have discussion.

Slowshot site profile image  

10/15/13 2:20 PM by Slowshot

Again, fair enough.I retract the word "fundamentalist" from my previous post.

fishyfish site profile image  

10/15/13 2:08 PM by fishyfish

LOL @ fundamentalist weirdo. fundamentalist of what ? you might be right. but I'm not any more Christian than Buddhist, and if you really want to know, I consider myself a Monist ("We Are All One"). to make an analogy of my view of Catholicism: if a guy pulls up in his car outside a schoolyard, and says to a kid "hey, I'm a friend of your Mum's, and she told me to come pick you up." then takes the kid somewhere, rapes, tortures, kills him/her, is this guy :A) a friend of the kid's Mum,B) a pedo, rapist, torturer and killer, orC) an unfathomable Mystery that cannot be answered by Man ?now multiply that by several million, over the course of more than a MILLENIUM, longer than ANY OTHER EMPIRE has lasted on this earth since recorded history.

Slowshot site profile image  

10/15/13 1:55 PM by Slowshot

Hm, fair enough.Well played, fundamentalist weirdo, well played.

fishyfish site profile image  

10/15/13 1:55 PM by fishyfish

I agree that the FOLLOWERS of Catholicism are Christian.but not its leaders. I'd include priests as part of the Christian followers. but "above" them, IMO all bets are off, and it was never "about" God or Jesus or spirituality, but about politics and world domination.

HexRei site profile image  

10/15/13 1:50 PM by HexRei

I know my history. Catholicism is a Christian sect. It's a fact. Sorry if its not your particular favored sect, but they definitely are Christians.

fishyfish site profile image  

10/15/13 1:46 PM by fishyfish

yes, and what's your point ?did I mis-spell any words, while we're at it ?

Slowshot site profile image  

10/15/13 1:44 PM by Slowshot know that methodists and baptists are protestestants, right?Venn Diagrams, how do they work?

ShawnTheBadger site profile image  

10/15/13 1:39 PM by ShawnTheBadger

Amen. ;)   I was watching it live and it was painful.  Awkward.  Uncomfortable.  Out of line. As a fan, it is annoying as fuck.  

fishyfish site profile image  

10/15/13 1:19 PM by fishyfish

Catholicism and the Papal institution HIJACKED Christianity, with the purposes of :1. SEPARATING people from God (the very DEFINITION of ANTI-religion), and2. WORLD DOMINATION.methodists, baptists, protestants, they all ESCAPED from the Catholic TYRANNY.does anyone really want to object and say that Catholicism was NOT a tyranny, that I'm only exaggerating ?