Evans: I want another shot at Jones


Rashad Evans was once a teammate and friend of Jon Jones, but eventually came to be a rival of Jones, losing to him in a world title fight. However, Evans feels better than ever and wants to make another run at Jones' title:

"I hit a bit of a slump losing two fights in a row, so now I am getting back on track with my win against Dan Henderson. I want to get back in the race, I want to get another fight with Jon Jones, he’s at the top right now and I want to work my way back up there and get another chance to fight him," Evans tells Fighters Only.

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Immaculata site profile image  

10/16/13 2:16 PM by Immaculata

Sorry I ruffled your delicate feathers KingofBJ's. Try not hurt your fingies typing so TUF. I just saw the guy this past weekend, he can make MW. Machida is doing it. Vitor did it (who beat HW's back in the day). BJ has fought Machida for Christ sake and he's dropping down to 45! I suggest you educate yourself before posting so obnoxiously.

shb site profile image  

10/16/13 11:37 AM by shb

rashad vs chael is gonna be a great fight

MMA Lives Here site profile image  

10/16/13 6:20 AM by MMA Lives Here

And follow the man who stole his soul?

TenOfSwords site profile image  

10/16/13 5:37 AM by TenOfSwords

Jon Jones is to Rashad what ObamaCare is to the Tea Party. Both better knock it off before Rashad, and the country, train-wreck over it.

The Little Axe Murderer site profile image  

10/16/13 3:06 AM by The Little Axe Murderer

Troll, Troll, Troll your boat, gently down the stream....

KingofBJJ site profile image  

10/15/13 11:16 PM by KingofBJJ

He was originally HW doofus, he can't drop any more.  Learn about fighters before you post.

Immaculata site profile image  

10/15/13 7:43 PM by Immaculata

He needs to go down to MW. Whoever his advisers are, they need to convince him of this.

MasterofMartialArts site profile image  

10/15/13 10:27 AM by MasterofMartialArts

Lol what the fuck? You mean.. So he got finished by the champs in two divisions, and lost some other fights years ago that mean fuck all today..What relevance do those fights have, at all?!??

MMAFriedRice site profile image  

10/15/13 5:16 AM by MMAFriedRice

Doesn't deserve it. Had a crappy first fight and can't see him doing any better in a rematch!!

Strykr619 site profile image  

10/15/13 3:04 AM by Strykr619

Silva went thru him TWICE? Huh? Yea he lost to Silva twice but he didn't "run thru him".... Must have been watching another AS v Sonnen fight then....