Dos Santos reveals cutting requiring stitches 3 weeks out


Training for a world title fight is strenuous on an athlete and often an injury free camp can be the difference between winning and losing in camp. Today Junior Dos Santos revealed that he suffered a cut above his eye brow three weeks ago that required stitches:

Some interesting news is coming out of Houston, Texas -- site of this weekend's (Oct. 19, 2013) UFC 166 pay-per-view (PPV) event -- as John Morgan reveals that Junior Dos Santos suffered a cut over his right eye (see pic here) three weeks ago that required some stitches to close.

It's quite the untimely injury, seeing as how "Cigano" will attempt to take the 265-pound title away from current Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) Heavyweight champ Cain Velasquez in three days time.

But, according to the Brazilian bomber, the cut is fully healed and should be a non-issue come fight night. In fact, on "UFC Tonight" this evening, dos Santos -- who had a knee injury in his first bout with Velasquez and an over-training issue in the rematch -- assured mixed martial arts (MMA) fans that he is currently "100 percent."

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What does this mean exactly? We won't know until the fight takes place. On the surface a cut requiring stitches will heal in the three weeks since it occured. But often the skin under the surface and is not fully healed and scar tissue is now present. The cut may be a non-issue or it could open again, more easily than had there been no cut and affect the bout.

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Chickenwing site profile image  

10/17/13 9:28 AM by Chickenwing

So Cindy is also the little axe murederer? I learn something new every day....

stonepony site profile image  

10/17/13 8:03 AM by stonepony

I find Joe to be a fascinating character who talks about some interesting stuff. Even when I'm rolling my eyes at his confused conspiracy stuff.It's also relevant to MMA. Fighters with smashed up noses, will just have them replaced. And, the cauliflower ears too. Both are issues that impact fights. A replaced nose can let a fighter breath again. Burst cauliflower ears can cause doctor stoppages. etc.But it's not science fiction or anything. They're already doing it. The printer technology just needs to be higher resolution, to allow for detail (or JDS will look like he's got Mr.Potato-Head ears).

ChrisWeidmanedmydiameter site profile image  

10/17/13 7:52 AM by ChrisWeidmanedmydiameter

Only Joe Rogan can go full Joe Rogan, and even then very seldom

irahayes site profile image  

10/17/13 7:14 AM by irahayes

Did you just go full Rogan on us?

fanat site profile image  

10/17/13 7:13 AM by fanat

Illegal shots to the back of the head tend to do it.

TheFaintingGOATClownedAwayMySN site profile image  

10/17/13 6:54 AM by TheFaintingGOATClownedAwayMySN


stonepony site profile image  

10/17/13 5:11 AM by stonepony

In 2 years, all of these fighters will just get new ears if they want them. 3D printing and stem cells, the technology is already available. Will be standard cosmetic surgery to completely replace your nose or your ears.It's especially easy with things like ears and noses, with their simple vasculature and nerve connections. They just print a "scaffolding" of cartilage (a frame), and inject it with cells that will grow. They'll cut his off and install two new ears. Will be an outpatient procedure, probably won't even have to be sedated. Done in an afternoon.

The Little Axe Murderer site profile image  

10/17/13 3:53 AM by The Little Axe Murderer

Actually he made excuses for the Hendo fight saying he wasnt out when he was clearly face down ass upCindy

superCulo site profile image  

10/17/13 3:12 AM by superCulo

This. First fight JDS had an "injured" leg, yet he twisted his legs all the way back while he celebrated the win, got up and walked around like nothing happened. Second fight he said he drank too much creatine, he was pissing out Cell Tech powder and over trained. Now he got a cut cut. Bro are you serious?? He's getting worse than BJ Penn.

superCulo site profile image  

10/17/13 3:12 AM by superCulo

That's why I love Fedor. That crazy soviet never made excuses, win or lose.