Miesha Tate: Ronda Rousey is 'emotionally unstable'


Miesha Tate recently published her third TUF 18 blog on Yahoo. In it, among other things she details Ronda Rousey's reaction after Team Rousey's Jessamyn Duke lost via decision to Team Tate's Raquel Pennington.

Afterwards, I went to shake Ronda's hand. The gesture was one of solidarity, "You and I were a part of another great female fight, this is what female fighting is all about and these two women we trained just did every female fighter proud". But, instead, Ronda flipped me off. I'm kinda happy they showed that on TV because Ronda did it at least 20 times before then and it was edited out. But, honestly, she stuck her finger up to me literally every time she saw me for weeks and weeks.

While I find it interesting that this was really the first time the producers showed Ronda flipping me off, I really think the viewers are getting to see the real Ronda this season – and it's not pretty. She's got a great skillset and as an athlete she's awesome. But she's not interested in building female MMA, she's interested in building Ronda MMA and then leaving for movies or something else.

She isn't an MMA fan at heart. Shayna was the only fighter out of the 16 women who fought to get in the house that Ronda had heard of. The other girls, Ronda had no clue who they were, what they had done, where they had fought, nothing.

That's all cool, everyone wants to get ahead in life and I'm not saying she hasn't worked hard for years and years to become a great fighter with an amazing skillset. But I don't understand her attitude at all.


People have asked me what I've learned about Ronda from doing TUF with her. Basically, I've learned she's a lot more emotionally unstable that I ever could have realized if I didn't see her day-in, day-out for six weeks. I've learned that I can work her from a different angle, from a psychological angle.

I've never used "psychological warfare" in my career before. This is an unexplored aspect of the sport for me. I've never tried to get an opponent crazy or emotional on purpose to mess with their preparation or distract them. I know Ronda tried - and to a point succeeded - in making me emotional ahead of the first fight. She has said that's how she beat me the first fight.

However, now I've left that anger, that dislike of her behind me, she can't affect me emotionally like she did when we fought in Strikeforce. And what I think is happening is that because she can't have this effect on me, it is almost like she's become more emotional instead. I didn't go into TUF wanting to make her go crazy, to cry all the time, to get furious and scream all the time, but that's what happened. I think it is a huge mental victory for me ahead of our December 28 fight to know that, one, she can't get inside my head anymore and, two, to know how fragile she is emotionally.

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BigEyedFish site profile image  

10/18/13 2:43 PM by BigEyedFish

I think both are doing well in coaching capacity. Ronda especially though. But shes a mentalcase...

Phil999 site profile image  

10/18/13 2:34 PM by Phil999

I missed the first shows and only have seen the last two. Never mind all the female drama who is the best coach?Based on the last 2 shows I would take definitely take RR over Tate as my coach anyday.

jaime kingslayer lannister site profile image  

10/18/13 2:28 PM by jaime kingslayer lannister

Well put peasant vu.

BigEyedFish site profile image  

10/18/13 2:20 PM by BigEyedFish

it sounds like a good soundbite but it doesnt really apply to this situation. I mean, Miesha isnt being fake nice - she is acting like that to press Ronda's buttons, and its working. Miesha knows that Ronda had the mental edge in the last fight and she also knows she needs every edge she can get this time around because RR is tough. The whole handshake thing is nothing more than a ballbust. And yeah Ronda is real mean, but she takes it to such a huge degree. Not everyone is out to get you. Not everything is about a fight. She needs to relax. Miesha sees RR coming unraveled and she continues to push it.

MountainMedic site profile image  

10/18/13 2:03 PM by MountainMedic

Personally, I really liked the line about fake nice vs real mean.

mikethecricket site profile image  

10/18/13 1:40 PM by mikethecricket

I only come to the Miesha/Honda threads to see if there are any hot pics.Fail.

THERE WAS A GLITCH IN THE MATRiX site profile image  


haha lol

Sudo21 site profile image  

10/18/13 7:05 AM by Sudo21

This.I've been saying this for past few weeks, to me Miesha comes across much worse than Ronda does.

CandyCrush site profile image  

10/18/13 6:42 AM by CandyCrush

A voice of reason

nostripewhite site profile image  

10/18/13 6:37 AM by nostripewhite

I dislike a lot of shit about Ronda, but her lame "bad ass" talking heads are too much to get past."If you do something... To disrespect us... And we find out... We'll find a way to show you that it was a bad idea."We get it, you beat up other women for money, you're still not some kind of gangster, no matter what the Diaz brothers tell you.