White: Palhares' submission was really despicable


Rousimar Palhares submission of Mike Pierce would have been mostly an after thought after UFC 29, but since Palhares maliciously held the submission, it's been the most talked about event of the past few weeks. Palhares was subsequently banned from the UFC for life and yesterday during a media event for UFC 166, Dana White called the act 'really despicable':

"He knew what he was doing that night," Dana White said on FOX Sports Live on Wednesday.  "Apparently, there was some talk where Mike Pierce said some bad things and everything else. There is no place for that in this sport. You don't hold a leglock that long while the guy is tapping and you know he is tapping. Especially that's what Palhares is known for -- he's the best in the world in leglocks. What he did was wrong and really despicable what he did. He won't be back. He can go fight with another organization. We don't put up with that stuff here."

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MTomlinson site profile image  

10/23/13 2:44 PM by MTomlinson

Cindy is an asset to this forum. whether or not anyone agrees with what she says, she has a direct connect to BLAF and relays a lot of stuff back. She's also got her own opinions just like the rest of us. Paul Harris got the shaft here. Hendo drops a forearm on clearly unconcious Bisping - no problem Mir cranks a kneebar on Brock for 4 seconds - no problem Rousimar holds a heel hook for 1.08 seconds after the ref stops the fight - ban for life.   Don't forget Dana and Joe Silva scream at these guys before fights and during meetings to finish your fight and not let it go to the judges. Rousimar is following orders. Not to mention the complications involved in ankle locks. They've always been dangerous because of how quick they can do damage, and also how easy it can be to slip out of one if it's not held properly (with strength). It's a double-edged sword.

Pitbull3744 site profile image  

10/23/13 11:18 AM by Pitbull3744

Mir kept cranking and cranking and after Mazagatti jumped in Mir gave it one last crank.     I dont like you

MTomlinson site profile image  

10/23/13 11:15 AM by MTomlinson

LOL, well,  you guys are just grabbing for straws with this whole 'He cranked it HARDER after the ref jumped in!'  assumption where the hell did that come from? After the ref jumped in he let go of the sub in 1.08 seconds flat. Did your naked eye detect a harder crank during that time? Really? Cindy, I couldn't recall the answer to your question either, so I looked it up on youtube. Easy to find and fact-check me for yourself. Frank cranked the sub on Brock for about 4 seconds after the first tap, and if we're just throwing assumptions, sure, i'll say it looked like he cranked harder as it went on. Rousimar cranked his sub on Pierce for about 2.43 seconds after the first tap. Just trying to clear up which fighters need banning here.      

Bellator Fan site profile image  

10/22/13 8:13 PM by Bellator Fan

Cindy,How do you know that Palhares continued to crank? A man with that kind of physical power can put horrible pressure just securing the heel hook.

CindyO site profile image  

10/19/13 12:47 PM by CindyO

How long did Mir maintain hold after Brock's first tap? And did he top it off with a crank after the ref jumped in? I cant recall.Cindy

bekk46 site profile image  

10/19/13 3:42 AM by bekk46

Watch the fight maybe?

jaime kingslayer lannister site profile image  

10/19/13 1:13 AM by jaime kingslayer lannister

You told that peasant.

Moke site profile image  

10/18/13 10:48 PM by Moke

Actually Frank is one of the guys who openly admits that he's actually trying to BREAK YOUR SHIT in there. He's not going for the tap. And he's broken a lot of bones and ligaments in the UFC.

ender852 site profile image  

10/18/13 10:45 PM by ender852

How do you know he cranked harder, you weren't there.I knee seeing people say that on here but I don't think he did, he was just applying the submission with more pressure until he got the win.

bekk46 site profile image  

10/18/13 9:26 PM by bekk46

Frank didnt crank harder when mazaghatti stepped in