White: UFC roster is too full


Saturday nightt at UFC 166, John Dodson earned the Knockout of the Night, sending Darrell Montague plummeting face first to the canvas. In a post-fight interview, Dodson said he needed to, so he could get work - Dodson, ranked #2 in the word as a flyweight, had not fought in six months.

"I had to do something spectacular," said Dodson as transcribed by BleacherReport. "If I wanted to get back on another card and fight soon, I've got to end this one - win it the way that I just did, and show Dana White and all of the UFC that I'm a badass, throw me in another fight. I don't care if it's going to be two weeks, three weeks. I'm going to be ready to go."

"Please don't put me on the bench. Don't put me on the bench for another six months. I want to go within two or one ... one day. I don't care. Just give me somebody. I want to fight."

At the UFC 166 post fight media scrum, UFC president Dana White was asked why Dodson was shelved for six months, and he had a simple answer - there are too many fighters relative to the number of cards.

"I keep telling you guys our roster is too full," said White as transcribed by MMAMania. "Every time after a show we cut a guy, and they're like, 'F--- you, Dana White. You're an idiot. This guy is – shut the f--- up. Let us run our business. The roster's too full, and we want to be good to guys that deserve to be good to.

"We want to be good to the guys who deserve us being good to. Guys like Okami, I like Okami a lot, he's a great guy. But when guys lose, when guys are at certain points in their career, or whatever it might be, guys have to be cut to thin this roster out, so guys like Dodson can continue to fight.

"We are in a situation where if a guy doesn't fight, we still have to pay them. That's not good either. Guys want to fight. Guys like Dodson want to stay busy and active. They want to fight."

If the president of the company thinks he has too many fighters, he has several options.
•Keep too many fighters, and give fighters less fights.
•Put on more fights.
•Cut the roster.

What route do you think the UFC is likely to take?

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epwar site profile image  

10/22/13 2:08 PM by epwar

Today on the UG: Katsunori Kikuno signs with UFC!  (3) [204] by zebers3 UFC signs Tatsuya Kawajiri  (52) [2237] by caposa - 1 2 3 UFC Signs Finland's Tom Niinimaki

RockTheVote site profile image  

10/22/13 8:32 AM by RockTheVote

new thought - in college sports the only ones that make money are football and basketball. those two provide the university with the $ to run all of the other programs at a loss. i have to imagine the ufc is similar. the guys who drive ppv buys and actually earn the organization money are the champions and a few name guys. the rest of them are not selling tickets and are not selling ppv's, so the other guys are earning the money the ufc pays them. so dana and joe have to find a way to maximize potential champions or potential money makers. you have the okamis and fitchs of the world who are great, but not quite great enough to be champions. they are so good theyre beating guys who could become either champions or big name guys. you have to cut these guys. theyll never earn their paychecks back for the ufc, and theyre derailing the younger guys who could. cutting okami makes sense when you follow the $.

Chromium site profile image  

10/22/13 1:21 AM by Chromium

Perhaps once we clone Dana White. He'll die otherwise with that schedule.

YouCantHandleMyRiddum site profile image  

10/22/13 1:11 AM by YouCantHandleMyRiddum

A weekly fight card is the next step. It's necessary.

Wasa-B site profile image  

10/22/13 12:55 AM by Wasa-B

Okami > Boestch, Dollaway. Yes, even though Boetsch beat Okami, i would bet on Okami if they rematched, esp this past Sat.

Chromium site profile image  

10/22/13 12:49 AM by Chromium

I suppose this would make a good case for buying something like RFA and making it a direct feeder, although even something like that would have to be on AXS or FS2. They could give veterans like Leonard Garcia a place to try and  rebound, and also a place to filter some of the more marginal prospects, while giving an inexperienced blue-chipper like Tyrone Spong a place to polish their game before entering on the big stage. It could keep the main roster's numbers a bit more under control while allowing Zuffa to run experiments: -They could run Grand Prixs or other tournaments. -They could use it to debut something like Women's Flyweight before adding it to the UFC. -They could also use it to compliment the program they're doing with Jackson's MMA to develop Mexican talents. -They could use it to give TUF washouts another chance besides the.TUF Finale. This could include people from the elimination round. Run 8 shows a year and have it act as a buffer to the UFC.

B_Goetz site profile image  

10/22/13 12:01 AM by B_Goetz

I think they thought international expansion was going to go a lot more smoothly than it actually did.

newman2020 site profile image  

10/21/13 10:44 PM by newman2020

It's unfortunately not gong to changed anytime soon I've talked to dana on the phone about local fights he said it won't happen. But franchising is always a great idea.

dannyapodaca site profile image  

10/21/13 10:20 PM by dannyapodaca

Ive said almost the same thing. there are alot of good small shows. Let guys fight in these smaller shows sponsored by the ufc. It will grow the sport and expose fans to the fighters.

ChaosOverkill site profile image  

10/21/13 10:07 PM by ChaosOverkill

Why did you sign all the 4 can win guys from Brazil then if this was going to be the result and you had to cut top ten fighters to fix it?   Derp