Sanchez wants Nate Diaz next


Generally speaking the UFC brass is responbile for match making bouts and decided who will fight who next. But that doesn't mean they don't strongly consider a fighter's opinion and if one guy calls another out and both want to fight, sometimes it's just an easy job for the UFC matchmaker. 

Hopefully that is the case with Diego Sanchez, who today went to twitter to call out fellow lightweight Nate Diaz:

Nate Diaz for the next fight would be a epic 5 rounder." target="_blank">read official Twitter...

Sanchez lost a fight of the century to Gilbert Melendez at this past weekend's UFC 166 and perhaps the idea of fighting Diaz is a way for him to get another shot at Team Cesar Gracie, as Diaz is a training partner of Gilbert Melendez.

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ausgepicht site profile image  

10/23/13 11:30 PM by ausgepicht

His comment demonstrates why I haven't had an interest if Deigo fights and will not. He's already resigned to heading for decisions. Everyone trying to get at Bendo's title of decision king. 

TwentyNineTwentyEight site profile image  

10/23/13 10:18 PM by TwentyNineTwentyEight

Great fight.

JStrongMMA site profile image  

10/23/13 10:17 PM by JStrongMMA

Nate beats Maynard and Diego, imo.

Zed Wayne Zed site profile image  

10/23/13 10:09 PM by Zed Wayne Zed

Diego is getting close to Wandy territory.I am concerned about the future effects of these wars.Diego deserves a cushy UFC job, but he's a bit too out there for it.Diaz is going to have his hands full with a motivated Maynard, so let's see if he can beat him again.

alkysmurf site profile image  

10/23/13 9:50 PM by alkysmurf

Another great fight. I think Nate gets the submission.

Lanshire site profile image  

10/23/13 9:01 PM by Lanshire

In the words of Diego Sanchez...YES!!!Make it happen Dana.

Ryan Black site profile image  

10/23/13 11:04 AM by Ryan Black

Sounds like a good idea to me. I'd love to see this fight come to fruition.

BLACK ROOSTER site profile image  

10/23/13 10:26 AM by BLACK ROOSTER


RJJH site profile image  

10/23/13 9:22 AM by RJJH

you dont think I dont know that guys??? I was at the fucking fight. ya, and regardless of how long its been, Nate doesnt beat Diego. sorry fanboys.