Bisping wants winner of Munoz/Machida


Michael Bisping was originally scheduled to fight Mark Munoz at this weekend's Ultimate Fight Night, that is before suffering an eye injury severe enough to take him out of the bout. However, Bisping would still like a shot at Mark Munoz, of course if he wins, otherwise he would like to fight Lyoto Machida:

He’d like the winner of Saturday’s fight between Mark Munoz and Lyoto Machida -- he expects it to be Machida -- and he’s interested in the London date that has been discussed for March 2014.

In order to make it, and it is on the early side of his return projection, he’s going to need some top medical care, some hard work and some luck. At least one of those may have been answered already, as one of his doctors told him that his eye is healing so well, it’s as if he has a guardian angel. Far from taking a miracle, Bisping plans to meet his future head on, buoyed by the scare that could have cost him his vision or his career.

"In some ways, this is going to be best thing to happen to me," he said. "I know it sounds like a cliche, but I had my career almost taken away, and it made me realize how much I still have left to achieve in this sport. If time was called on my career right now, I wouldn't be happy with what I achieved. Yes, I get some notoriety and put some dollars in my bank account and whatever, but I want a lot more out of it than that. I want to stabilize my future and my children's future as well. So this has really made me even hungrier than ever." 

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HULC site profile image  

10/24/13 4:46 PM by HULC

Bisping lost a contentious decision to Sonnen - a fight many thought he won. So if Sonnen gets two bites at the title Bisping deserves a shot as well.

AdmiralCackbar site profile image  

10/24/13 4:43 PM by AdmiralCackbar

He beats Munoz, but loses to Machida.

Mix6APlix site profile image  

10/24/13 4:41 PM by Mix6APlix

Ducking Diaz. I would love to see a breaking bad homo of this....

KneeToFaceKO site profile image  

10/24/13 4:24 PM by KneeToFaceKO


haya1340 site profile image  

10/24/13 4:11 PM by haya1340

This guy is hilarious...... Lerking around running his mouth fighting mid level guys and getting owned by upper guys and thinks he deserves title shots and winners of big fights. But on the other hand probably doesn't have many fights left so might as well maximize the a$$ whippings

SHOGUN250 site profile image  

10/24/13 4:08 PM by SHOGUN250

This.... let Jacare maul him.  In all reality Bisping should have to beat Jacare and then another before getting a title shot.

super nintendo site profile image  

10/24/13 4:00 PM by super nintendo

Naw the young old lion is fighting the ancient Olympian first

warrendale site profile image  

10/24/13 3:36 PM by warrendale

Not if Belfort has anything to say about it. He'll be calling the winner out as soon as the fights over.

Allen Hood site profile image  

10/24/13 3:31 PM by Allen Hood

Bisbing Diaz

Il Duce site profile image  

10/24/13 3:23 PM by Il Duce

I like Jacare.