White wants Machida vs. Belfort next


 Dana White is of course president of the UFC, but in addition is a huge fan of the sport.

Speaking as a fan Satuday night following Machida's 'Knockout of the Night' winning head kick on Mark Munoz, White said he hope to see Machida next matched up with Vitor Belfort.

"I think, and I'm just talking here as a fan, not as a promoter, I think a lot of people want to see him and Vitor Belfort," said White as translated by MMAJunkie. "That would be a fun fight. Vitor's got to win down in Brazil. And who knows, he could fight someone else before that. But I'm just saying, as a fan, and speaking for many fans, that's the fight they want to see. At least that's what everyone was screaming at me on the way out of the arena tonight."

When pressed, on who he wants to fight next Machida was polite, but evasive.

"I don't know," said Machida said. "My boss, he can decide."

Then his boss reminded him of a previous statement.

"He said he wants to fight Vitor Belfort," said White. "That's what he said."

Finally Machida conceded.

"Yeah, that's what I said," he retorted.

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SupesUp site profile image  

10/28/13 5:03 PM by SupesUp

Amazing division. Wish rashad would join the mix. Some solid guys like Rockhold and mousassi still around as well, and I'm sure we are forgetting some.

Zed Wayne Zed site profile image  

10/28/13 4:27 PM by Zed Wayne Zed

F'n matchmakers messed it all up by making Vitor/Hendo at, I think, 205.Vitor killing guys at 185, "May as well book him out of division."Grumble.

MasterofMartialArts site profile image  

10/28/13 3:59 PM by MasterofMartialArts

These are two of my favorite fighters and I would hope it ends in a double KO. Aggressive Machida 2.0 vs New OLD New Old Lion Vitor

Chappie site profile image  

10/28/13 3:47 PM by Chappie

Belfort is always dangerous, but I think that Machida would pick him apart. That said, I still want to see Belfort matched up against Mousasi and see who has the better hands.

IAmNotImpressedbyYourStocktonSlap site profile image  

10/27/13 7:58 PM by IAmNotImpressedbyYourStocktonSlap


I delivered U site profile image  

10/27/13 7:50 PM by I delivered U

I see Belfort blasting Machida into a living death.

Another Foob site profile image  

10/27/13 4:01 PM by Another Foob

Tough fight for both guys. I favor Machida at MW.

I Love Stun Gun's Dong site profile image  

10/27/13 3:40 PM by I Love Stun Gun's Dong

Vitor a counter-striker??? LOL.  Vitor's one of the most aggressive strikers in the UFC.

ufc98newb site profile image  

10/27/13 2:59 PM by ufc98newb

I took that bit as a tongue in cheek way for White to say who he wants Machida to fight next. not an actual conversation white had with machida.of course we know machida has stated in the past he wants Belfort.

kevsh site profile image  

10/27/13 2:38 PM by kevsh

Put it that way doesn't sound like a great idea but simply put, I'd love to see either of Machida or Belfort vs. Jacare.