Hendricks wants to KO GSP with right hand, not his left


Johhny Hendricks has won six straight bouts in the welterweight division behind his power wrestling and monster left straight hand. However, Hendricks hopes to prove he's not a one trick pony and use a new tool to knockout reigning champion Georges St-Pierre:

I can lay you out with both hands. Everybody thinks that my left hand is the hand that's going to do it, but my goal is to put him away and knock him out with my right. I am hurting people with my right hand in the gym, so that's what it's about, letting the world know I can do it with both (hands).

That's what I want I want to do. I want to run into those takedowns. Just wait, I got stuff for that takedown. I'm a wrestler too, that's what people forget. I know how to defeat a wrestler. I know how to stay away from takedowns.

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Ninja Tea Party site profile image  

10/28/13 1:34 PM by Ninja Tea Party

If he's not just doing this to psychologically get to GSP then he's going to get his ass handed to him before he can decide which fist he will use.

jcblass site profile image  

10/28/13 12:46 PM by jcblass

This is stupid, he should be focused on simply winning the world title, not pontificating about which punch he is going to knock out GSP with. I hope he gets his ass kicked. It is really disrespectful to ponder what punch you are going to KO the champ with, when the last fight you had, you gassed and couldn't even knock out Condit. Now suddenly he thinks he can go all Babe Ruth and start calling exactly which hand he is going to use to KO one of the most dominating champs ever...Get out of here, 10 years from now no one will remember "Hendricks"Sounds like some Nascar bullshit.

RileyPust site profile image  

10/28/13 12:10 PM by RileyPust

Anyone wanna SN bet? I have Georges and I have him getting the finish.

RileyPust site profile image  

10/28/13 12:08 PM by RileyPust

Anyone wanna SN bet? I got Georges.

PastorJosh site profile image  

10/28/13 9:15 AM by PastorJosh

I believe this is the perfect opportunity for GSP to come away with a submission victory. If he has his black belt and is as accomplished as he seems to be, he should be able to identify many open spots to exploit Hendricks in the submission game, even standing. I see that standing guillotine open the way Hendricks moves his head in the clinch. I think he could even get creative with it and attempt a D'arce, arm triangle or an Ezekiel choke. What if he could pull of that awesome Peruvian Necktie! That would be sweet.

MattyECB site profile image  

10/28/13 9:05 AM by MattyECB

I actually like the betting line for this. I'd never make a big bet, but I put a bet to make 20 off GSPUsually a retarded idea to bet on famous fighters in MMA though, especially on the favorite!I put 20 bucks on Gustaffson for -800... Died a little inside after that fight lol

MattyECB site profile image  

10/28/13 9:02 AM by MattyECB

Just like so many others, GSP is fighting a guy who'll walk through his faggy-jabs/TDs as he's either a real fighter/wrestler, and of course has one-shot KO power with a big hook to put him to sleep. Jab fest and defensive wrestling for a safe UD imoIf Hendricks can land some TDs I think this becomes a huge game changer, but GSP has made a career out of out-wrestling opponents with better pedigrees.Without the TDs, Hendricks'll embody the saying, "Puncher's chance." Trying to use a less technical and looping/lunging haymaker to put out GSP, while GSP uses basic footwork and 1-2s... to dance around him and frustrate the puncher with boxing

sacredhate site profile image  

10/28/13 8:40 AM by sacredhate

Hendricks' one-punch power is a fight changer...if he had a good hook without it being proven to delivery many a 1-punch ko, then GSP wouldn't have much to worry about.One slip and GSP could be asleep. I think GSP plays it safe and works to tire out JH's arms against the cage a bit then works jabs him to bolivia in 2 and 3, takedowns in 3, 4, and 5.

Gingy the great site profile image  

10/28/13 8:33 AM by Gingy the great

Gsp is unlike any other fighter he's faced. He wasn't able to knock out Condit, I don't think he'll knock out gsp. It will go the 5 and end with a unanimous decision with gsps hand lifted up

donkey guard site profile image  

10/28/13 8:17 AM by donkey guard

Bet you Johnny takes more damage