Fighter appeals loss based on opponent's use of spray tan


The Unified Rules of mixed martial arts prohibit a fighter from excess grease on the body.

"The excessive use of grease or any other foreign substance may not be used on the face or body of an unarmed combatant. The referees or the Commission’s representative in charge shall cause any excessive grease or foreign substance to be removed."

In practice, all grease is banned from a fighter's body, as it is advantageous to the striker.

After Cortney Casey lost to Pearl Gonzalez at XFC 26 for the promotion’s first women’s flyweight championship, she is filing an appeal with the Tennessee Athletic Commission, charging that Gonzalez's pray tan ammounted to greasing.

“I want a rematch, and I think it’d be a great fight,” said Casey to MMA Junkie. “We did three rounds of amazing work, and it was a great show, and it was a great fight. But I can’t live with the fact that someone had a banned substance on them and that I couldn’t implement my game plan because of that substance.

“I just want to have a fair fight. And like I said, I wasn’t able to do what I needed to do as a submission fighter because of the tanning oil.”

What do you think UG? Could spray tan = greasing?


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Bobby Lupo site profile image  

10/29/13 7:04 AM by Bobby Lupo

Why not ask both fighters to spray tan before the fight. If they're gonna be on TV, they gotta look good, not like a Casper the Ghost Friend. Tanning ain't cheating.

Charlie1 site profile image  

10/29/13 4:03 AM by Charlie1

Sarah,For what it's worth, I think you clearly won your last fight. Everyone who I watched it with thought the same. It was a very very bad decision.But to answer your question "And are you guys saying I don't look tanned when I fight?"No, I do not think you looked tanned. I think it could help you if you were though, especially if a judge is looking at visible damage taken in a fight. As was mentioned above, black eyes and bruising are more obvious on pale skin.

BTT-RyannVonDoom site profile image  

10/28/13 10:55 PM by BTT-RyannVonDoom

Greasing.. same as Sexyama's lotion. 

bigwignj site profile image  

10/28/13 10:44 PM by bigwignj

This. I wear spray tans for wrestling and there have been times were half of it ends up on the other guy. Once you start to sweat it can run and becomes real slick.

KatieCasimir site profile image  

10/28/13 9:45 PM by KatieCasimir

This is what I was thinking.  I heard the comission checked her out after the fight as well, but there's no harm in a re-match, it was a good fight.

Belial site profile image  

10/28/13 8:31 PM by Belial

I bet GSP shows up tan as hell for his next fight.

Jack_Bauer site profile image  

10/28/13 8:19 PM by Jack_Bauer

Sexyama disagrees.....

Mark Hunts Pet Monkey site profile image  

10/28/13 7:54 PM by Mark Hunts Pet Monkey

You won your last fight. Judges are senile.

FlyingKnee_bar site profile image  

10/28/13 7:38 PM by FlyingKnee_bar

Isnt this the same stuff sexyama was doing, he jsut claimed it was skin cream bc he didnt want to admit he was an asian dude with a spray tan ha

RearNakedToke site profile image  

10/28/13 7:38 PM by RearNakedToke

I think you should wear a tanned rash guard with muscles painted on in your next fight. Ala Giant Gonzalez from the WWF.