Goddard defends call in Guillard/Pearson bout


The Ultimate Fight Night 30 co-main event was looking to be an exciting bout between two dynamic strikers in Melvin Guillard and Ross Pearson. Unfortunately early in the first round, Guillard throw some knees to a downed Pearson causing the referee to stop the action, and subsequently the doctor to call a no-contest as Pearson had a deep cut in his forehead. Referee Mark Goddard was a guest on today's MMA Hour to defend his actions inside the cage:

"It wasn't the first knee that Melvin delivered," Goddard explained. "It was actually the second knee, and it was the second knee that opened up the cut.

"I saw Ross' hand, and when I say hand, I mean his palm. His entire hand. It wasn't what we're used to before with the fingertips and playing the game, as me and a couple of other refs will allude to. This was a deliberate action, in terms of Ross making himself safe, putting his full hand down on the mat. The knee came in, connected with the forehead. That's what caused the cut. That's exactly what I saw, and that's why I stopped the fight at that time to deal with it."

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UnderTheClock site profile image  

10/30/13 6:21 PM by UnderTheClock

Anything that makes Guilliard suffer, valid or not, makes me happy. For that reason, a bad call would be preferable.

painfulapathy site profile image  

10/30/13 1:26 PM by painfulapathy

Even the instant replays proved inconclusive for the first shot, the second was illegal - 100%.

Golden_Monkey site profile image  

10/30/13 8:27 AM by Golden_Monkey

Watching it for the first time was so close. The ref should have looked at the instant replay. He said only big fights he would use it. Why not all fights that are that close.

Bucephalus site profile image  

10/30/13 7:58 AM by Bucephalus

No knees to a "downed" fighter is fucking STUPID in the sport of mixed martial arts.

MMA Lives Here site profile image  

10/30/13 7:26 AM by MMA Lives Here

lol what the fuck is up with this shit?He made the right call. Pearson's hand was down and he had both legs touching the mat. All this bs about his knee being up, playing the game etc, it doesn't fucking matter!!The first one was extremely borderline and the second one was an illegal strike which happened to open a meteor crater on his forehead. Goddard got it dead right, it was an amazing call and reinforces him as one of the best in the business. Now get the fek over it!

painfulapathy site profile image  

10/30/13 4:25 AM by painfulapathy

No as in he was moving to a safe position to prevent him from throwing that kind of knee, so when Melvin adjusted his body to throw a punch or go for the take down Ross could try to stand up. Melvin obviously isn't to blame either he was concentrating on trying to win the fight.

Zapruder site profile image  

10/30/13 2:43 AM by Zapruder

I was making a point about the interpretation of those rules. I have watched the video over and over and see both feet on the ground with nothing else touching when the knee starts to be thrown. I posted the gifs to look at and see for yourself

likatiga site profile image  

10/30/13 2:17 AM by likatiga

That's how you interpret the rules yet you can't see that Ross was "grounded"?I think you're blinded by a bias and are only seeing what you want to see.Anyway, like I keep saying, both fighters get paid and get to fight again. Pretty good outcome all things considered.

TheRaider site profile image  

10/29/13 9:51 PM by TheRaider

When I saw it live, I thought it was illegal.

Zapruder site profile image  

10/29/13 9:42 PM by Zapruder

So I could just walk on my toes(curled under) and I am a downed opponent...hmmm