Machida wants Belfort at middleweight


Lyoto Machida made an emphatic debut in the middleweight division this weekend knockout Mark Munoz in the first round. Machida said post fight that he is in the division to get a title and feels like he knows which opponent can get him closer to that goal:

"Vitor Belfort is the best option for me right now," said Machida. "I want to fight him. It would be the best fight for me right now because he’s well ranked in the middleweight division. No hard feelings, I’m thinking what’s best for my career and where I can get with a win. Even if Vitor loses to Dan Henderson, I’d want to fight him in our weight class."

Machida believes a win over Belfort could give him a shot at the UFC title, but he’s not worried about that yet. In fact, he doesn’t know how he would handle the possibility of fighting Anderson Silva, even after fighting another teammate inside the Octagon.

"A win over Vitor Belfort puts me in front of everybody in the rankings, but let’s see what happens," he said. "It’s too soon to talk about it because Anderson Silva is too far away from me right now. Even if he wins, I don’t know for how long he will want to keep fighting. I haven’t talked to him for a long time. I don’t know how it’s going to work, we have the same managers. I rather not to talk about it now. When we get there, we’ll figure it out."

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JerodR site profile image  

10/30/13 12:48 PM by JerodR

Machida at his ideal fighting weight and wanting to go straight for the title regardless of Anderson Silva. Seeing Machida be a professional and fight a friend then buy him dinner afterwards. Finally seeing a UFC fighter willing to fight anyone to prove he is the best. It seems like a dream. Seeing Machida vs. Anderson would be kind of like a superfight. I have always wanted to see those two guys fight.

nni site profile image  

10/30/13 11:39 AM by nni

That is a sexy matchup.

Qannebiss site profile image  

10/30/13 10:43 AM by Qannebiss

Would love to see it. Machida's got this.

AwHood site profile image  

10/30/13 10:42 AM by AwHood

Nobody is looking past Hendo. Lyoto wants to fight Vitor win OR lose. Should be interesting to see the southpaws go at it. The 1st round feeling out process will be aggravating. More than likely, the fight will be in Brazil. Whoever let's the crowd get in their head first is going to be in trouble. I don't see a big favorite in this one. My only hope is a controversy-free finish.

Zed Wayne Zed site profile image  

10/30/13 10:41 AM by Zed Wayne Zed

Yes! Love it. Want it.Make this happen.Problem is, Vitor is locked up in a weird rematch fight.Diaz, although I am a fan, would have a terrible time with Machida at 185.I don't want to see Nick Diaz absorb those kind of shots from a guy with that much KO power.

KOphil25 site profile image  

10/30/13 10:40 AM by KOphil25

I may be biased because I'm a vitor fan more then I am a machida fan. But I think vitor will catch him

Pitbull3744 site profile image  

10/30/13 10:38 AM by Pitbull3744

That is very possible KOphil Vitor aint no slouch, but Machida might be too technical for him. 

KOphil25 site profile image  

10/30/13 10:30 AM by KOphil25

Vitor will KO him exactly like shogun did

buckanater site profile image  

10/30/13 10:07 AM by buckanater

Machida is the master of the side step ;)

Jobe Watson the Gentleman site profile image  

10/30/13 4:50 AM by Jobe Watson the Gentleman

I love this fight. Machida vs any aggresive striker is always fun to watch.