Machida camp doubtful Belfort will accept fight


After making his spectacular debut in the UFC's middleweight division this weekend, Lyoto Machida made it known immediately who he wanted next. However, Machida's camp doesn't believe Belfort will step up to the challenge:

According to Ariel Helwani, Machida's manager Jorge Guimaraes believes the match-up won't take place, simply because Belfort won't accept the fight.

Belfort has turned down fights in the past, with the most recent example being a proposed match-up against Tim Kennedy. It's largely the reason he's fighting Henderson at light heavyweight, as Belfort voiced hesitance about relinquishing his status as No. 1 middleweight contender, much to the displeasure of UFC President Dana White, who recently said that the Brazilian "drives me crazy."

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MasterofMartialArts site profile image  

10/31/13 10:09 PM by MasterofMartialArts

Lol @ Machida running from anybody.

Rantuckjr site profile image  

10/31/13 9:38 PM by Rantuckjr

Actually, Sonnen moved up to Machida's weight and what did Machida do? He ran.

Lazer MMA site profile image  

10/31/13 6:52 PM by Lazer MMA

As far as that goes you have a 10/10 (Fighters shouldn't have to WWE their way into a fight)I mean it was clown shoe fight night when Sonnen fought JBJ FFS. I even disagree with the lesser evils as would be the case here but it is what it is and it's far from progress. All we can do is watch LOL.I never commented on Mousasi's record BTW

Lazer MMA site profile image  

10/31/13 6:51 PM by Lazer MMA


sparkuri site profile image  

10/31/13 6:43 PM by sparkuri

And each poster is doing what they're supposed to be doing to participate in a forum.Giving their opinion.It took you as much effort to write your post as it did me mine.None.Each fighter is doing as you say. My contention is that mma has turned into a joke that way.Fighters shouldn't have to WWE their way into a fight, no?Regarding a previous post on what Mousasi has done in mma, well, that's just ridiculous.34-3 is what he's done.The stats should read 36-2 if scoring was done properly, but that's another issue.His last clear defeat was 7 years ago, and he'd be able to do more if the UFC would pull it's head out of it's collective ass and have these guys get injured in the cage instead of in training FFS ;-)I recall Royce fighting 11 times a year. We don't even see that in 4 years anymore.#progress?

Another Foob site profile image  

10/31/13 5:37 PM by Another Foob

Doesn't matter. I think Vitor is the toughest fight for Machida in the division. If Vitor doesn't want it, it probably yields an easier path to the title for Machida.

Kings21 site profile image  

10/31/13 4:51 PM by Kings21

The other day I saw an article that quoted Machida as saying he would fight Anderson if it meant fighting for the title. So indeed, he does not share the same opinion about fighting other Brazilians. Still Silva fought Belfort and Maia so its not like hes that firm on the opinion.

Dogman site profile image  

10/31/13 4:43 PM by Dogman

Wrong if you look at Machida's career he most certainly has earned the right....Who is this moose you talk about and what has he done in MMA?

sniper1026 site profile image  

10/31/13 1:04 PM by sniper1026

Dana, Make it SO!!!!

Lazer MMA site profile image  

10/31/13 8:16 AM by Lazer MMA

LMFAOEach fighter is doing what exactly WTF they should be doing and what anyone with a half a brain should expect them to do too FFS! Trying to fight as high a rated fighter as possible in their next fight. Posters can't see that clear as day?Belfort wants a title fightSonnen wants BelfortMachida wants BelfortMousasi wants MachidaThis is worth the effort of the post above? Or the thread even? Well I guess who gets the most attention may get their way, that's who gets fights today so maybe it is! LOLBTW frankly Sonnen is not talking about Machida at all is he? That was only when they both wanted to fight in different divisions that he called Machida a joke correct?!!