Sonnen: JDS' corner should be suspended & fined


Junior Dos Santos’ cornerman needs to be cut, period. That was beyond inappropriate that they sent him back out there,” said Sonnen during a recent question and answer session in Manchester, England.

“The doctor comes in twice. What that doctor was looking for, I have no idea. The referee didn’t stop the fight, though he should have. Ultimately it defaults to your cornerman, who you trust, who is like a father figure. And that guy let Junior Dos Santos down, period,” added Sonnen. “The commission licenses these cornermen. I don’t have the foggiest idea why. I guest just to take their $25. That should be the first cornerman that’s suspended. That was beyond wrong what he did.”

Like White, Sonnen believes that dos Santos’ corner should have thrown in the towel, something rarely done in mixed marital arts.

“You do not stop the fight when your fighter can no longer continue. You stop the fight when your fighter can no longer win. The second your guy can’t win, you get him out of there,” he said. “That fight should have been stopped way earlier. It knocked years off of Junior’s life and career. That cornerman should be fired.”

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thegoldenboy site profile image  

11/1/13 4:08 PM by thegoldenboy

Hahaha. The words of a quitter. Sonnen really is mentally weak compared to other UFC fighters.

Herman Munster site profile image  

11/1/13 3:11 PM by Herman Munster

Garbage, garbage, garbage. if Greg Jackson listened to the Dr in Toronto and stopped the fight on his man, Jon Jones would have lost his title. this opens up such a Pandora's box.   Zahabi was asked on UFC central for his thoughts on corners stopping the fight.   He said, "he couldn't do it" that he sees first hand  'all the time, effort and hard work that goes into a camp, that the training is always harder than the fight, and he has no interest in being the guy to pull the plug on his fighter'. That's the position the corners are in.  That's why we have neutral professionals who we expect to be educated, intelligent, and strong enough to make these calls.   Unfortunately a lot of Dr's working for the AC's don't have the balls to make the hard call in stopping a fight in front of 20,000 people.  To point fingers at the corners is a way for the AC's to be even more unaccountable than they already are.   Who is going to lay the fine anyways? The commission?? So the The Commission holds the corner accountable before the ref or the cage side Dr?  Retarded.  Sonnen is being a company man, who will promote the UFC's holy image by being a propaganda pusher, and insist that the UFC does everything in it's power to ensure that MMA is a safe sport, and it just sets up another culprit to place the blame on, when we start seeing the stats on retired mma fighters ending up brain damaged and a lot more questions start being asked, maybe even by Congress. UFC go on record and say, "we've been encouraging corners to be more pro active for years in stopping fights".   Sonnen as a good company man has nothing to lose in going after the corners, but it's garbage.

Okkun site profile image  

11/1/13 2:56 PM by Okkun

Well if it's one thing Sonnen know, it's quitting when he's about to lose. .

MrHughes1991 site profile image  

11/1/13 2:24 PM by MrHughes1991

Haaaa Even though I think Chael still has a decent chance at beating silva, that was pretty funny

Rouseys mole site profile image  

11/1/13 2:14 PM by Rouseys mole

Really fucker? 4.5 rounds of pure domination wasn't good enough?

wheeels site profile image  

11/1/13 12:58 PM by wheeels

"You do not stop the fight when your fighter can no longer continue. You stop the fight when your fighter can no longer win"Then Sonnens corner should have thrown in the towel when he was making his entrance to fight Silva.

Odinson site profile image  

11/1/13 12:25 PM by Odinson

"You do not stop the fight when your fighter can no longer continue. You stop the fight when your fighter can no longer win."That is very true.

Garv site profile image  

11/1/13 11:41 AM by Garv

That's what JDS gets for hiring Robert Bussey to corner him.

WrestleFook site profile image  

11/1/13 11:39 AM by WrestleFook

Maybe he's done talking his way into title fights and want to talk his way into the corners of title contenders! I mean have you seen the guys towel throwing skills???

jmont site profile image  

11/1/13 11:33 AM by jmont

jds vs sonnen 2014?