Complete Bellator 106 results


Bellator 106 took place Saturday November 2nd from the Long Beach Arena in Long Beach, CA and aired live on Spike TV. The main event featured a lightweight title bout between Eddie Alvarez and Michael Chandler

Main Card (Live on Spike TV, 9:00 PM ET)

-Eddie Alvarez defeated Michael Chanderl by Split Decision (48-47, 48-47, 48-47)

-Emanual Newton defeated Muhammed Lawal by Split Decision (49-46, 49-26, 49-26)

-Daniel Straus defeated Pat Curran by Unanimous Decision (49-45, 48-46, 48-46)

-Joe Riggs defeated Mike Bronzoulis by Unanimous Decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)

-Mike Richman defeated Akop Stepanyan by TKO (Punches, 1st Round, 4:05)

Preliminary Card (Live on, 6:00 PM ET)

-Cristiano Souza defeated Alejandro Garcia by Submission (RNC, Roubd 3, 3:06)

-Brandon Halsey defeated Hector Ramirez by TKO (Strikes, Round 1, 0:52)

-Mike Guymon defeated Aaron Miller by Submission (Triangle choke, Round 2, 4:20)

-Cleber Luciano defeated Joe Camacho by Unanimous Decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)

-Josh Smith defeated Darren Smith by Unanimous Decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)


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Und1sputed site profile image  

11/4/13 10:47 PM by Und1sputed

Truth be told, I like having discussions on differing viewpoints, it broadens ones mind. While pursuing the course yourself and ssj have simply acts to harden ones mind.

Und1sputed site profile image  

11/4/13 10:45 PM by Und1sputed

Your seeing exactly what you wanted to see. You keep mentioning it just the shaking of the head when it goes far beyond that. I have been lurking for years and really don't care what my join date or the amount of posts I have had are.Why would I bash Dana in a situation that did not involve him? I have a whole list of situations I think he has handled very poorly but since when was this thread about Dana?I want to see a good #2 org. succeed and push the UFC, its good for the fighters and good for the fans. But why do I have a tough time pushing Bellator? Its face does not appear to have his fighters best interest in mind, he has shown that time and time again. So I would far prefer for an org. that truly has its fighters best interest in mind to start pushing the UFC. You can keep calling all the names you want and keep crying but people like you and ssj do not concern me. I find people like you sad, those that cannot actually have a discussion on differing viewpoints without resorting to mud slinging. It actually shows either a lack of arguments in your favor or a lack of an ability to properly present said viewpoints. As far as pleading the victim, far from it, you have failed to anger me with your childish responses, I will continue to post and I will continue to wish people like yourself could have a discussion instead of resorting to childish bickering and name calling.

hendofanforlife site profile image  

11/4/13 9:10 PM by hendofanforlife

lol @ undisputed coming on here, new account, less than 10 posts, who likes bellator 106, the whole event, until a guy shakes his head. talks about disrespect from the head of an org. wont bash dana or the ufc in the slightest. tries the old "hey i like the wsof as #2" distraction tactic. You wanted to see bellator and bjorn get it stuck to em in your Op. for them to fall. but you dont hate em lol. just leave tool. you came in here to bash and pile on and when that failed completely now you are pleading the victim. just stop.

Und1sputed site profile image  

11/4/13 8:59 PM by Und1sputed

Yes, I am a shill, I have never even mentioned my opinion on Dana White yet I am a shill. My opinion on Dana will stay quiet until the proper thread pops up, I don't throw out opinions on multiple people in a threat that is not appropriate. When someone calls one a "shill" after reading less than ten posts despite the supposed shill talking about other orgs and wanted to see them succeed? It just shows how desperate you are to have these shills to insult.Whatever happened to being able to have differing opinions and being able to discuss them without having pathetic people throwing out insults because they don't like those who might see things slightly differently?

ssj site profile image  

11/4/13 2:16 PM by ssj

lol with that logic you better hate danaon wait you're a lame ass shill

BackAndLeft site profile image  

11/4/13 11:53 AM by BackAndLeft

This thread had 1500 replies last time I checked. How is it down to 1485?

Und1sputed site profile image  

11/3/13 11:16 PM by Und1sputed

You sound like a really angry person. Shaking his head is far from the only thing he has ever done. Plus, it doesn't mean I won't watch Bellator fights, I would simply much rather have a different org. replace Bellator as the second best option for fighters. I love the way Ray Sefo seems to run his org. and would love to see them supplant Bellator. I do not hate Bjorn as you stated, I do not even know the guy. What I do see is the way he has treated quite a few fighters and I do not like seeing guys like that succeed. You can call me what you will but it just adds you to the long line of people that are incapable of having a discussion with someone who has a different opinion without growing angry and calling names like a child.

crumbs site profile image  

11/3/13 11:11 PM by crumbs

I'm pretty sure bjorn was shaking his head at the boos, come on people, it's clear.But ...........look at that front page pic of bjorn in the background while Eddie is getting his hand raised, At the very moment the decision is being revealed. If Paparazzi has taught us anything. It's that pictures can be made to tell many stories, many of them not even close to reality, but that picture is pretty funny , bjorn has a look of " shit, Eddie is getting the last laugh right now ". I'm sure he had that mischievous smile for other reason, but that picture is funny as hell if you've been following the Eddie saga.

hendofanforlife site profile image  

11/3/13 10:35 PM by hendofanforlife

Listen shill, you're talking about not supporting an mma org cause some guy shook his head. Think about how sad you are.If you hate the head of an org not respecting some of his fighters, it must suck never watching UFC. Ever.

Bruham site profile image  

11/3/13 10:35 PM by Bruham

Anyone know if they did or will release the gate info?