GSP: I can overpower Hendricks if I want to


UFC welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre figths #1 contender Johny Hendricks at UFC 167 on Nov. 16. In a pre-fight interview, St-Pierre says how he is feeling, and what he believes. To Anderson Silva's reflexive "It's normal" line, we can now add the Canadian's "I believe it."

"I'm the best in the world," said GSP. "I believe it. And I've got to prove it again to everybody."

"I'm very excited fighting Johny Hendricks, the #1 guy right now. A lot of people believe he has the style to beat me.  I'm better than him everywhere. I believe it."

"I respect his power, but I'm not afraid of it. People don't realize I'm the best at not getting hit, not getting damaged. I can take a punch. I don't know what's going to happen in the fight. It's like playing cards - you don't show your hands."

"I'm better than him everywhere. I can wrestle him, overpower him if I want to. I'm not scared... We'll put his chin, his wrestling, his jiu-jitsu to the test. It's a fine line sometimes between arrogance and confidence. I'm very confident. I think I'm going to win, he thinks he's going to win. So, we're going clash, and find out."

Do you believe it?

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Pill Clinton site profile image  

11/6/13 11:30 AM by Pill Clinton

If jonny comes lunging in like he does in all his fights. He will get taking down. All the like condit and kampman he was really chasing with that left. Gsp will exploit this and put him on his back. Which will make him more reluctant to so that. Then your going to have gsp establish range and pick him apart. I so see jonny fading in the later rounds and try to wrestle gsp. Should be good but. I don't see anywhere where jonny is better other than power.

surfing site profile image  

11/6/13 11:15 AM by surfing

GSP can do no wrong in the surfing household.FULL HOMO - BEEP BEEP

Tripitaka's Triangle site profile image  

11/6/13 10:41 AM by Tripitaka's Triangle

Hendrix either knocks him out like Cain/JDS 1 or in the 1st minute otherwise GSP all the way

RedDragonUK site profile image  

11/6/13 8:40 AM by RedDragonUK

GSP via domination. I hope that guy never loses he's a great representative for our sport and I got nothing but respect for him.If he fails the drugs tests i might reconsider

TheTangledWeb site profile image  

11/6/13 3:04 AM by TheTangledWeb

Pretty fuckin' sure the Canadians made him in a test tube.

MasterofMartialArts site profile image  

11/5/13 8:42 PM by MasterofMartialArts

Very nice. Looking thick. Solid. Tight. Keep us updated with more pics. Want to see how freakin thick, solid and tight you look. Thanks for the motivation bro.

pistolpete86 site profile image  

11/5/13 6:51 PM by pistolpete86

I think it's gonna be a great fight! Can't wait for this one...

nhbmark2 site profile image  

11/5/13 5:54 PM by nhbmark2

GSP will provide yet another cure for insomnia.Silva fellJones almost fellGSP will fallBut when he does, will anyone hear it.Wait.....what?

kyle223 site profile image  

11/5/13 1:33 PM by kyle223

Damnn, GSP is looking more ripped than usual. BEEEEP!I would love to see GSP come out and finish this fight.

Leck Brosnar site profile image  

11/5/13 1:09 PM by Leck Brosnar

If someone still catches GSP in his career, I truly hope it won't be Hendricks. Do VADA like you promised and keep your mouth shut. Heck ya.