White offered Renzo a check to retire, Gracie offered to fight for free


Renzo Gracie is a legend in mixed martial arts. His last professional fight was at UFC 112 and was a TKO loss to Matt Hughes. At 46 years, Gracie is far past his fighting prime, but isn't quite ready to end his career. Meeting with Dana White last week in Vegas, Gracie showed the fighting spirit that has endeared him to fight fans:

"He was a gentleman," Gracie told Ariel Helwani on Monday’s The MMA Hour. "He made me an offer I almost couldn’t refuse. He offered me a check to not fight and I almost couldn't refuse. ‘Renzo, I like you so much I would hate if you get hurt.’ Getting hurt is part of our business, you know?

"His offer was almost as good as mine," he continued. "Mine, he couldn’t refuse. His, I could refuse. I said, ‘Please, don’t do that to me. Let me get there one more time,’ and he laughed. He told me, ‘Tell me when (you want to fight).’"

Gracie wants to compete so bad that he even offered to get inside the cage for no money.

"I offered to fight for free, and he laughed," Gracie said. "‘I could never have you fight for free. Not you,’ (White responded). It's not money I need, and he said, ‘I know.’ I want to do something without the need to do that. I think that way a man fights better."

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RileyPust site profile image  

11/6/13 6:00 PM by RileyPust

I'm torn on this, I don't know that I wanna watch Renzo get Chocolate Al'd. On the other hand, this man eats, drinks and sleeps the fight... does anyone really have the right to deny him sustenance?

KenBania site profile image  

11/6/13 5:37 PM by KenBania

I once asked Renzo back in the late 90's when he was going to Japan to fight, I think Kakuta, how much he was getting. He put his finger over he lips and said "shhh, I would do it for free"! Love Renzo.

MisterHawkeMMA site profile image  

11/6/13 4:48 PM by MisterHawkeMMA

They should give him Rory MacDonald after he wins his next fight. Since Rory wont GSP, let him beat up on guys that aren't ranked until he gets tired of it.

FETT_DiscipleDojo site profile image  

11/5/13 11:58 PM by FETT_DiscipleDojo

I knew they fought, but I thought it was later after TUF 1 had ended. Like a while later. But Franklin and Hughes made a good coaching duo and didn't fight at the end of it, so it can be done.

Shotta site profile image  

11/5/13 11:50 PM by Shotta

Renzo-Royce after coaching against each other on TUF.

CaptChaos site profile image  

11/5/13 11:24 PM by CaptChaos

I think Dana is going to have trouble finding him a fight. A Masters division would be very cool. They could bring back the Coleman's and Don Fryes of mma. The fights wouldn't be the best but they would draw and they would be competitive. I'd love to see Coleman vs Dan Severn again!

MdGeist site profile image  

11/5/13 11:17 PM by MdGeist

Even if Gomi went up to 170, he'd still TKO Renzo.The guy is in his late 40s and hasn't fought in nearly 4 years.

omega 2013 site profile image  

11/5/13 9:39 PM by omega 2013

Here we go with the censorship again...

MMA Lives Here site profile image  

11/5/13 7:42 PM by MMA Lives Here

This dude's like 47. He'll get sparked on the feet in the first

omega 2013 site profile image  

11/5/13 7:40 PM by omega 2013

So let's just bring ALL the legends back to stumble and drool in the octagon. Tank vs. Frye! Goodrich vs. Shamrock! Royce vs. Jennum!I understand i may have touched a nerve with Renzo fans, but look at what he brought last time. AND THAT WAS 3 YEARS AGO! You seriously want to see a legend embarrass himself again at the age of 46? You see Ali v Holmes? How bout Sugar Ray v Macho man?