Green's controversial nut/gut shot win over Krause


At the UFC Fight for the Troops 3, Bobby Green earned a TKO victory over James Krause. The fight ending strike was a left kick that seemed to land to groin and/or stomach of Krause. The controversial ending can been below, and you can judge for yourself:

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RyannVonDoom site profile image  

11/12/13 2:09 PM by RyannVonDoom

Considering green Cup Cheicked him twice already that round??

BatmanTookMyLunchMoney site profile image  

11/12/13 12:50 PM by BatmanTookMyLunchMoney

He can at least appeal to have it turned to NC

BrattMamley site profile image  

11/12/13 12:46 PM by BrattMamley

One of big johns worst moments ever.

pidgey site profile image  

11/12/13 12:41 PM by pidgey

It was on the cup. But even if it was not, it was too close to call, you cant give a loss to a fighter out of the blue over something that's so hard to tell.

circa305 site profile image  

11/12/13 12:16 PM by circa305

So everyone is now admitting that it did in fact hit the cup. The only confusion is with people who think cup shots are legal lol. I still see how anyone could be that dumb though.

epwar site profile image  

11/12/13 11:35 AM by epwar

Krause posted this pic:

Morgz site profile image  

11/9/13 11:59 AM by Morgz

Serious curiosity / question: is there anything in the rules that talks about using the "sound" a strike makes to determine legality with regards to groin (ie: cup) shots? I'm guessing there is not, but I really don't know. Or is this one of those "obvious" things that only true fans understand?

ajl416az site profile image  

11/8/13 5:45 PM by ajl416az

ol boy shouldn't have faked ithe jumped up real quick when he heard the fight was over

Epic Conflict site profile image  

11/8/13 4:51 PM by Epic Conflict

Barely Legal

BatmanTookMyLunchMoney site profile image  

11/8/13 3:38 PM by BatmanTookMyLunchMoney

Too complicated to explain, ill just sum it up w I was wrong in my assumption about what you were trying say about the "some fighters thought it was legal" comment. So I apologize for saying your comments were ignorant, and leave it at that


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