Tim Kennedy: I want to fight Bisping, 'not a top contender'


Tim Kennedy is fresh off a first round knockout of Raphael Natal Wednesday night, and is already looking for his next fight. Not content to see what UFC VP for Talent Relations Joe Silva has in mind, Kennedy instead determined to improvise, adapt, and overcome, taking to the social network.

Tim Kennedy ‏@TimKennedyMMA
Hey @bisping you should keep your one good eye on me and get the other one healthy. ;-)

michael ‏@bisping
Don’t start acting hard because you ko’d some random Brazilian. News flash, NO ONE GIVES A S---. If u want it. April, let’s go.*

michael ‏@bisping
Well it's simple. Call the UFC and say u wanna fight me in April. Put your money where your mouth is big shot.

Tim Kennedy ‏@TimKennedyMMA
Just remember you asked for this. I promise I won't knee you while you are down, poke you in the eye or spit on you when it's over.

Tim Kennedy ‏@TimKennedyMMA
I don't think I have earned a shot at any of the top guys. I think the @UFC should give me someone like @bisping

So what do you think UG? You like Tim Kennedy vs The Count"

*The tweet was later deleted, with an explanation provided.

"I sent a tweet earlier aimed at Tim Kennedy," said Bisping. "in hindsight it was insulting to his opponent, for which I apologise and: have deleted my tweet.


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bigconk74fe site profile image  

11/9/13 7:44 PM by bigconk74fe

This. Kennedy has short arms and is relatively slow.

jacktripper site profile image  

11/9/13 6:01 PM by jacktripper

Kennedy has a highlite reelBisping makes peoples highlite reels

hawaiidave site profile image  

11/9/13 3:32 AM by hawaiidave

My god this trolling in age of internet.

BigTedBear site profile image  

11/9/13 3:00 AM by BigTedBear

Bisping really needs to fight Machida beating Kennedy won't get him a title shot. Still great fight if it happens.

UGCTT_granite007 site profile image  

11/8/13 10:35 PM by UGCTT_granite007

Let these men hype their fight for fuck sake. It's an interesting match-up. Both guys have the tools to beat each other.  Mike has proven himself. Tim is now in the UFC to prove himself(to the casual fan, we here know he is the real deal.) If this fight is set in stone, It's going to be good. Hard one to call.  

FETT_ Cains._Burrito_In_My_BrownEye site profile image  

11/8/13 10:22 PM by FETT_ Cains._Burrito_In_My_BrownEye

Awesome tweet from Tim there...

ausgepicht site profile image  

11/8/13 10:07 PM by ausgepicht

Sorry, I don't address people who struggle with the English language. Get a translator and come back to the thread.

Frames4Life site profile image  

11/8/13 6:48 PM by Frames4Life

Oh and In before the join date the you do.

Frames4Life site profile image  

11/8/13 6:47 PM by Frames4Life

Your dedication to this anti-Bisping thing over the last 4-5 years has been nothing short of inspirational. You're a fucking warrior.

Braziliam site profile image  

11/8/13 3:42 PM by Braziliam

Vote up for thinking exactly the same thing.