McGregor: I'd like no time limits, no rounds


Connor McGregor has quickly made a name for himself amongst UFC featherweights, but more so with his comments outside the cage, although he is 2-0 since debuting in the UFC. McGregor is one of those guys that just loves to fight and loves to talk shit, but what he'd really like is to just fight man to man until one man breaks:

UFC featherweight Conor McGregor would like to turn back the clock to the early days of the sport and eliminate rounds and time limits.

“Me, personally, I’d love to scratch it all and do no time limit, not separation, no nothing. Let the contest go, and it’s over when it’s over,” said the Irishman during a recent question and answer session in Manchester, England.

“People say, ‘we want a finish.’ Trust me, someone will break. No time, a man will break,” added the outspoken 25-year-old.

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LibraryCard site profile image  

11/9/13 10:56 PM by LibraryCard

The main problem with no limit is there are time constraints on PPV/TV, it wouldn't work. 1 - 20 minute round non title fights (no standups)1 - 30 minute round title fights (no standups)Whether or not you call fights with no finish draws or go to the score cards is debatable. If say a challenger dominated the champion in a title fight but it was called a draw that would suck so decisions probably gotta stay. If a fight is fairly close call it a draw, only give someone a win if it's clear who won.

flemingo site profile image  

11/9/13 10:40 PM by flemingo

sakuraba vs royce rules maybe 90 minutes of solid ass kicking would be fun to see maybe to settle contentious championship decisions like jones vs gustaffson

SQUEEZIE site profile image  

11/9/13 8:48 PM by SQUEEZIE

i completely concur.

Buck 65 site profile image  

11/9/13 7:28 PM by Buck 65

hopefully the ufc stops sitting around with their thumb up their butts and actually implements this. It's the obvious next step to take for this sport.

D241 site profile image  

11/9/13 7:22 PM by D241

        It's always funny to read a comment like this and not think the author is coming off the exact same way :)

D241 site profile image  

11/9/13 7:21 PM by D241

And then I read comments like this that totally restores my faith in mma fans. LibraryCard gets it. Card=awesome contributer for news and weigh in pics, etc.... Card5=great OG afterdark contributor LibraryCard=gets it. Understands what UFC was built on.  Please, with your mindset anytime you have an opportunity to tell it like it is, please don't waste that opportunity. Power of words my friend.

Fresh Prince site profile image  

11/9/13 6:41 PM by Fresh Prince

GSP said something along the same lines on JRE.

ausgepicht site profile image  

11/9/13 6:34 PM by ausgepicht

Problem is no one has heard of you.

LibraryCard site profile image  

11/9/13 12:25 AM by LibraryCard

I want this as well.You could always do a 20-30 minute time limit and call a fight a draw if no one finished within that time.I don't want mma to be a 'sport' as much as I want it to be a 'fight'. Too many guys winning rounds and not going for the win. 20-30 mins should be enough for a wrestler to grind out a win unlike all the decisions they rack up with the 3x5 format. It's more realistic towards what a fight really is, which is what drew me to mma in the first place. If an mma organization implements this like Bellator or one overseas it could change the game.