Dana White to Jon Jones: 'You're not a matchmaker'


UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones recently took issue with what appeared to be a relatively easy path for Alexander Gustafsson to earn a rematch. This came after It was announced that Gustafsson would fight Little Nog, and assuming a win there, would get a shot at the winner of Jon Jones vs. Glover Teixeira, which will take place in March. When the fight was scrapped, the replacement for Little Nog was Jimi Manuwa.

"Really? You want [Gustafsson] to have the rematch that bad?" Jones told Ariel Helwani, as transcribed by MMAFighting. "No disrespect to Nogueira, but lets see Gustafsson vs. Cormier. It makes so much sense. If me, Cormier, Gustafsson and Teixeira are the toughest four guys in the division, lets put us in a little a round robin pool and see who's the toughest of us four. Why throw Lil Nog into the picture?"

Do your job Jon, a chuckling UFC president Dana White explained.

"Jon, I love you, you're not a matchmaker," said White. "Fight your fight, he'll fight his fight, and don't worry about it. When you talk like that it makes it sound like you're worried about it."


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time traveling 12er site profile image  

11/13/13 10:18 AM by time traveling 12er

Lol, wtf are you talking about?   You need to cut back on whatever substance is making you so sensitive.  It was said during a media scrum that White wanted to do the rematch asap.  Jones said to him that he wanted to fight Glover next because he deserved it, then he would do what White wanted and fight Gus.  White said he couldn’t argue with that and granted him his request.  I’m sure Glover was promised the next title fight, but considering how great Gus/Jones 1 turned out it makes perfect sense that they’d want to do that rematch.  The fact is according to White Jones picked his next opponent and there's nothing from Jones to contradict that.  You can call that ducking if you want and get all butthurt about it, but it is what it is.  It's obviously smart to pick your opponents but personally I think fighters should have less control over this.   This is one of the few benefits of the tournament system (which I hate btw) which forces fighters to fight whoever ends up with them in the next bracket. 

LittleKang site profile image  

11/13/13 9:23 AM by LittleKang


NorthFromHere site profile image  

11/12/13 1:26 AM by NorthFromHere

Viking blood will prevail!

I Wild Each It site profile image  

11/12/13 1:23 AM by I Wild Each It

LOL at Jones on that gurney, with heart monitors on.

56sav site profile image  

11/12/13 1:11 AM by 56sav

The primadonna Jones strikes again!

56sav site profile image  

11/12/13 1:11 AM by 56sav

The primadonna Jones strikes again!

Damaynevent site profile image  

11/11/13 10:36 PM by Damaynevent

Consider Nog lucky.

Damaynevent site profile image  

11/11/13 10:33 PM by Damaynevent

You're a dumb fuck. Glover was being interviewed by Goldie and Rogan moments after the Gus v jones fight and was all but guaranteed by DFW that he would fight for the title next. It wasn't until days later that JBJ said he thought he clearly won the fight and that Glover deserves the next title shot. Jones has fought Nd beat everyone the UFC put in front of him. Why the fuck would duck anyone?

MinotauroBigNogFan site profile image  

11/11/13 10:06 PM by MinotauroBigNogFan

Same jones that turned down a fight against lil nog a few years ago?

Bipolar site profile image  

11/11/13 8:39 PM by Bipolar

First, as everyone knows, Jon is correct. Gus fighting Nog is purely business. This is not debatable, nor is it that unexpected, imo. The UFC is a business; bottom line is that they are about making money. The thing that bothers me here, and surprises me as well, is Dana's very stupid comment. Stupid from a business standpoint. Clearly, Dana does not like Jon. Unfortunately for Dana, he allowed his feelings to hurt his bottom line, or at least to threaten it. He essentially called HIS CHAMPION, and one of the most recognizable faces in MMA, a coward. Now, you can be a bellowing tool and defend Dana and claim those were not the actual words he used, etc. But none of that matters. What is undeniable is that he raised the question of his champion being scared of, and/or avoiding opponents. Additionally, it's just uncomfortable and weird to hear, and looks unprofessional. I'm not suggesting this will cause enormous damage, just that it was very stupid of Dana and is bad for business. Dana himself is one of the biggest barriers blocking MMA from appearing like a professional, ready for mainstream sport. No single individual is so good and so bad for MMA at the same time.