Dana White: Manager turned down fight; Nick Diaz: I don't have a manager


At the UFN 32 post-fight media scrum in Goiania, Brazil on Saturday, UFC president Dana White was asked about the possible return of Nick Diaz. White said he had contacted with the Diaz camp with an offer, and Stockton fighter remained retired.

"I offered Nick Diaz a fight last week and his manager called me back saying he's retired," said White.

However, in an interview on sponsorships with Fighters Only's John Joe O'Regan Saturday night, Diaz said “I don’t have a manager right now so…”

O'Regan contacted Diaz to confirm that he did indeed not have a manager.

“I don’t have a manager," said Diaz definitively. "I haven’t had a manager since my last fight. They should know that.

Diaz later expaned on the remarks. The statements come after Diaz apparently released long time trainer/manager Cesar Gracie as his manager, but apparently Gracie still plays a role as trainer.

“I’ve not had a manager since my last fight" Diaz told Fighters Only. "I would like people to know that I was never offered any fight. I haven’t had a manager, I told Dana that I didn’t want anyone representing me after what happened with my last training camp."

“I didn’t get a good camp in at all. I was doing it all by myself really, with a few of my old training partners like Gil Castillo, Val Ignatov my Sambo coach, plus a few of my students and my brother. A lot of money was supposed to be spent on that camp but it didn’t happen."

“Then when the same thing happened with my brother, that’s when I threw the towel in with Cesar as far as management is concerned. Its one thing it happening to me but when it happened to my brother I take it more personal. So that’s really why I haven’t had a plan for a new fight."

“Cesar used to set up really good training but lately he pretty much stopped teaching and training, he has brought in new guys from Brazil to do the training and that has changed things at the gym."

“I will always be a Cesar Gracie black belt and a Gracie fighter, that will never change. Things started with Cesar, and I am with the same team and the same people. But I do need something new."

“With Cesar I think we felt like we had a good head coach but now I think really we just had a good jiu jitsu coach, maybe the best jiu jitsu coach in the world. I give him credit for that and for putting me in fights when I was 17. I think he knew I would be a gold mine, I am glad he took an interest.”

“Things change, people change. I don’t have anything against Cesar but I see the big picture now. Right now what I need is a good fight and a good camp."

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11/13/13 8:30 PM by Android User

For Porkchop:

babbling monkey site profile image  

11/13/13 7:44 PM by babbling monkey

Porkchop mad. Even he knows Condit lost that fight. Just because three fucking morans officially say a fighter won doesn't mean shit. Gus won his fight too.

FreakDaddy site profile image  

11/13/13 7:38 PM by FreakDaddy

I have no doubt that a fight was offered to Diaz......It was made to his people........Dana has no reason to lie about this......

willienugget site profile image  

11/13/13 7:31 PM by willienugget

Kinda weird you call him a shitty troll while you munch on his bait.

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11/13/13 6:50 PM by Porkchop

Who gives a shit how many times I edited it? Is that your only rebuttal to all of that?Thought so. Sit down and shut up.

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11/13/13 5:38 PM by Android User

How many times did you edit this post? There is no need to be upset.

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11/13/13 5:23 PM by Porkchop

I'm not saying it doesn't matter to him. But as far as his career in the UFC, it doesn't matter and it shouldn't.The competition was clearly lesser in Strikeforce and everyone here is talking about him being UFC title material - not Strikeforce title material.If we are talking about UFC title material, the fact is that he got a title shot coming off a loss. He was in a number one contenders fight, he lost, and therefore he shouldn't have fought for the title.The reason he did was because the UFC was going to give him a shot immediately upon entering the UFC previously and he fucked that up, and the fans still wanted to see that fight.So based on accomplishments outside of the UFC and the wishes of the fans, he was offered a UFC title fight. He did not have to fight anyone in the UFC for that title shot. His path to the title shot was Paul Daley, KJ Noons, Cyborg Santos, Mach Sakurai, Scott Smith, Marius Zaromskis...... I mean, sure, he was on a 10 fight winning streak, but how many guys in the WW division in the UFC could beat all those guys? I'd argue quite a few guys could put that same winning streak together. And all of those guys I could name got stepped over for Diaz to get a fast track to the title.This happened because of the fans. The fans wanted this fight and Diaz didn't have to make his way up to a title shot like Hector Lombard and many others have had to do...So as far as him being UFC title material.... No, he clearly isn't. He got his title shot given to him as a gift, and he has not demonstrated that he can beat the top 5 in the division. Since he came back to the UFC, he has fought 3 times and he only beat a guy who is WAAAAAAAY beyond his prime and is now fighting at 145.....Let's see how he does against the rest of the division before we start calling him championship material. Diaz doesn't want to fight them though. He wants to use his popularity to pick and choose his fights and demand ridiculous amounts of money.... He's only fucking himself here because people will forget about him.He was never a big name in the UFC. He made his name outside the UFC and his UFC record is far from impressive. His UFC record is 7-6.... If all it takes to be championship material is to have a winning record, by one fight.... I think that cheapens what "championship material" is supposed to mean.He may be fun to watch, but so is Leonard Garcia, and he isn't championship material either. They might be championship material in lesser organizations, but we are talking about the UFC and this is the big show.

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11/13/13 4:36 PM by MountainMedic


Android User site profile image  

11/13/13 3:58 PM by Android User

Do you think he could beat Georges if he had a better training camp than he did last time? I want a professional opinion.

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11/13/13 3:55 PM by TFK_SickEye

^^^ there you have it folks