White: Superfights are dead, destroyed


For a while, there was talk of GSP fighting Anderson Silva, in Cowboys Stadium. This sparked talk of Anderson Silva vs Jon Jones. And when Silva voiced a definite preference for the 35 lbs smaller St-Pierre, that sparked lots more talk. With Anderson Silva declining a fight with Jon Jones , a matchup between Jones and then champion Junior dos Santos was floated. Then the superfight talk floated down to the lighter weights, most notably Jose Aldo.

And then Anderson Silva lost to Chris Weidman. And then Anderson said he wanted a superfight, boxing Roy Jones Jr.

Now the whole idea of superfights appears dead. UFC president Dana White discussed the subject during Thursday's media scrum.

"This whole superfight thing has been destroyed," said White. "I think it's dead now. It was fun for a little while. I think it's over."

What do you think UG? Did you ever like the idea of a superfight? If you still do, what would you make?



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ChaosOverkill site profile image  

11/15/13 5:44 PM by ChaosOverkill

Every time it seemed right some new contender came along and started talking shit which makes Dana get a boner or Dana took an interest in them as a better matchup, blame yourself Derpna

GaryColeman site profile image  

11/15/13 5:41 PM by GaryColeman

I'm sick of Dana's lies. I wish he had the same disease Pinocchio had so there were some consequences to his actions.

FETT_ Cains._Burrito_In_My_BrownEye site profile image  

11/15/13 3:35 PM by FETT_ Cains._Burrito_In_My_BrownEye

That is complete nonsense. We see fighters face off with a 10-15 lb difference in the cage ALL THE TIME. Other combat sports as well. It takes a special breed to have the confidence to overcome that weight difference, which is vey rare, but it is FAR from a circus act when youre talking that small of a weight difference. ESPECIALLY when the larger of the two is the striker and the smaller the grappler. (GSP/Andy)

BigEyedFish site profile image  

11/15/13 3:28 PM by BigEyedFish

so no Cain v Ronda then?You know, under the right circumstances...

Doback M3 site profile image  

11/15/13 3:23 PM by Doback M3

I cant wait until Dana retires.  He is holding the sport back so much with his failures.

NukerMMA site profile image  

11/15/13 1:10 PM by NukerMMA

Zuffa is a boring company to own the UFC, its all $$$ to them. At least do something cool and put on some super fights for the fans once every 3 years or so. MMA getting as popular as it is now was the worst thing that could ever happen to long term fans.  

JerodR site profile image  

11/15/13 1:00 PM by JerodR

Dana it is a crap statement and you know it. You tried to make Fedor/Lesnar after Lesnar had lost his title. Why? Because it was a big money fight that everyone wanted to see. Do really think that nobody would want to see GSP/Silva or Silva/Jones because Silva lost a fight? Who cares? It is still a big money maker but at least now there is an excuse because you weren't having much luck making those fights happen. If GSP stepped up and said he wants to move to 185 and challenge Silva, you wouldn't let that happen? Right..,,

MagSlim site profile image  

11/15/13 12:53 PM by MagSlim

God damn it Dana, I wanted to see Ronda v Cody McKenzie.

A bag of ricin site profile image  

11/15/13 12:46 PM by A bag of ricin

BJ Penn disagrees. Also i thought the UFC put "the fights that fans want to see" or did they get rid of that saying a while ago.

RyannVonDoom site profile image  

11/15/13 12:32 PM by RyannVonDoom

This.. And how thr fuck does ug blog have 600??