Campuzano weigh-in not like the others


UFC weigh-ins are generally straight-forward with the exception of a spectacle by Tom Lawlor every now and then, but the UFC 167 weigh-in had one of the more interesting:

When the two fighters approached one another for their stare down picture, Campuzano looked particularly aroused. That is right, it looks like he is standing there with an erection in front of a whole arena full of people, not to mention the others watching at home.

Some fighters put their clothes back on, or their pants at least before taking the picture, like Georges St-Pierre did. I bet Campuzano will do that from now on. There could be something behind him, or something that is creating an optical illusion. But for now it looks like Campuzano was aroused. In his defense the ring girls were standing there on stage. Still, that should make for an interesting fight.

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UFC 167: The weigh-in


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6 Late Hammerfists site profile image  

11/18/13 6:42 PM by 6 Late Hammerfists

I'm saying I would have dove on him like he was deflating, and blown him back up. I'm not gay either.

MMA Playwright site profile image  

11/18/13 1:34 PM by MMA Playwright

WTF? Are you saying what I think you're saying?

6 Late Hammerfists site profile image  

11/18/13 1:33 PM by 6 Late Hammerfists

How Pettis didn't jump on that thing throat first will puzzle me for a long time.

touch site profile image  

11/18/13 12:34 AM by touch

Do any of you guys remember this article on Sergio's signing where he was supposed to fight at cockweight? Prophetic!

touch site profile image  

11/17/13 11:37 AM by touch

Hermes Franca proved to be a dick after all.

Br0ckFnSams0n site profile image  

11/17/13 4:46 AM by Br0ckFnSams0n

He thought he'd caught a glimpse of Punky Brewter in the third row.

brahmabull81 site profile image  

11/17/13 4:38 AM by brahmabull81

All this talk about small penises is really really gross and annoying.Id much rather talk about big veiny BBC.

BLPorritt site profile image  

11/17/13 4:19 AM by BLPorritt

it is hard to tell if you have a boner when you have a small penis, even at weigh ins.                                                                                     trust me

Jack_Bauer site profile image  

11/17/13 3:36 AM by Jack_Bauer

Conor McGregor looked like an angry dog with an involuntary red rocket in that video!

jasonhightower site profile image  

11/16/13 8:32 PM by jasonhightower

In before AfterDark.