1/2 the shots GSP has taken in the UFC were in last 3 fights


Following his split decision win Saturday night, UFC welterweight champion George St-Pierre has broken a stack of records. He holds the longest title reign in division history, the most wins in the UFC ever (19), the most title bout wins ever (12), and the record for most time in the Octagon (5:28:12).

However, Deadspin editor Tim Marchman wrote a piece on Saturday's main event that contained an unnerving statistic on St-Pierre's career:
Since he first won the welterweight title, he's taken, in addition to who knows how many shots in training, 875 strikes in competition, per the official statistics, with nearly half—412—now having come in his last three bouts. 

This January will mark GSP's tenth year in the UFC. At 32, if the level of competition is rising, and his skills at age 32 are diminishing, and the amount of punishment he is taking is accelerating, if he wants to retire rich and at the top, then perhaps now is the time.

Johny Hendricks wouldn't get another shot at him, fans wouldn't get a rematch, but if that is what GSP wants to do, then so what? If you are truly a fan of the man, be happy for him if he wants to retire.

UFC president Dana White's words have been miscronstrued in some corners. White has a policy of long standing that any UFC fighter who wants to retire, absolutely should retire. Further, White has accelerated the retirement of some fighters were appeared to be pushing too far. What White took issue with was GSP's discussion of taking a break of unknown duration.

"You owe it to the fans, you owe it to that belt, you owe to this company, and you owe it to Johny Hendricks to give him that opportunity to fight again," said White, crucially adding "unless you’re going to retire.

"There’s no I’m going to go on a cruise, and I’m going to be gone for two years, and I’m going to take a hiatus. I’m going to take a leave of absence. Whatever the hell it was that he was saying. That’s not how it works."

White later said that the pair had talked, and related that the emotional issues GSP had aluded to are not that bad, and expressed confidence that the Quebecer would work it out.

However, if St-Pierre does determine he wants to retire, start a family, and open a gym, then be happy for your hero. Isn't a chance to find love, retire, and pay something back to life what we are all fighting for?


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Samoa site profile image  

11/18/13 8:46 PM by Samoa

I don't know about what other people are saying but IMO he (GSP) has a lot of fighting miles on him (the most ever in the UFC and against #1 contender after #1 contender, etc) and he is wearing down.  When he gets hit more in his last 3 fights than in his entire previous UFC career this has to be a symptom. Who knows if the GSP that beat BJ and Alves were to fight Hendricks what would happen.  I'm not even intimating that the fight result would be different.  I am saying that I believe that GSP has worn down.  Does that mean that I think GSP from a few years ago would beat Hendricks?  Maybe, maybe not.  Maybe he's aggressive on his feet and Johnny takes him out; who knows but I think that this IS a different GSP that we are seeing now than a few years ago.

triso site profile image  

11/18/13 12:17 PM by triso

This has to be a troll. Hendrix weighs around 210lbs. GSP is around 190 tops. Sometimes he's in the high 180s. Guys like Kos, Hendrix, Alves etc are much bigger than him. Did you see Hendrix muscle him around in the clinch against the cage?

Samoa site profile image  

11/18/13 11:10 AM by Samoa

Alves is one of the biggest LW's of all time.

gokudamus stole my name iv site profile image  

11/18/13 10:35 AM by gokudamus stole my name iv

"He made a living beating up lw's and midgets, which made him look invincible."Hughes, Alves, Shields, Koscheck, etc, were neither LWs nor midgets, and GSP tooled them all and took zero damage other than some eyepokes from Shields.

KingOfFighters site profile image  

11/18/13 10:26 AM by KingOfFighters

So what are you saying? Prime gsp whatever that may be, mauls hendricks condit, and diaz? The nut huggery on this thread is astronomical. He made a living beating up lw's and midgets, which made him look invincible. Now hes fighting people his own size, and its not working out as easily as it once did. Age had nothing to do with the fact gsp couldnt take johnny down. DId you see gsps takedown in rd 1? That was probably one of the fastest shoots ive ever seen.It's disrespectful to johnny and condit to blame gsp's performance on age.

BuddyRevell site profile image  

11/18/13 9:38 AM by BuddyRevell

GSP's like Kobe. Mileage and injuries have taken their toll, even though neither as that old compared to others in their sports.

YHTOMIT2001 site profile image  

11/18/13 8:40 AM by YHTOMIT2001

Most fighters have on average around 10 years before they start to fall off. GSP has been in the game almost 12 years, plus add in the fact that he tore his ACL. If he wants to retire without taking more damage than he should, now would be the time. He's beaten all the biggest names in his weight over the past 9 or 10 years, so he's got nothing left to prove. Of course, the Hendricks fight leaves a bad taste in some people's mouths but outside of that, he's been extremely dominant.

TheFaintingGOATClownedAwayMySN site profile image  

11/18/13 7:23 AM by TheFaintingGOATClownedAwayMySN


klabo site profile image  

11/18/13 7:20 AM by klabo

Might have something to do with the all time most time in the UFC cage you clown... He's spent 5 hours in the cage against the toughest competition arguably of any fighter... He career has retired him. Not some guy he beat 3-2 split decision (and won the last round too clown)

Samoa site profile image  

11/18/13 7:06 AM by Samoa

This. Especially when you think about how much shit he has gotten for being boring in his last bunch of fights. So essentially he has been gettin hit WAY MORE lately than before and still getting shit piled on him for fighting safe. Now he wants to get out because he is obviously past his prime and starting to take way more damage and some people (Dana) want to say he "owes". Fuck that. If he doesn't want to fight anymore I hope he NEVER fights again.