Coach: Robbie Lawler is the best welterweight in the world


Following Robbie Lawler derailing of welterweight heir apparent Rory MacDonald on Saturday night, Lawler's striking coach Matt Peña came on the UnderGround and made a bold statement.

Thanks to the diehard Ruthless Fans

From: Matt Pena
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I'm Coach Matt Peña, Robbie's striking coach. I just wanted to give a shout out and thanks to all of the diehard Robbie Lawler fans. When everyone else in the world was underestimating Robbie Lawler, many of you were telling it like it is, here, on the underground.

It's unfortunate some are discrediting Rory McDonald now. I thought he was gonna break and he showed me he had a lot of heart. Much respect to him. He will be back in the winning column soon. He just faced one of the strongest guys in the division, someone that can't be bullied or pushed around at 170lbs.

I'm sure there are still some doubters and that's great, we don't mind being the dog, but I'm telling you, Robbie is the best WW in the world. I'll be the only one saying it for now. It's my belief. I thought that when Robbie was helping me corner Hughes when he lost to GSP and Koscheck. Both times Matt lost, I would look at Robbie and think, 'you are going to beat both of these guys.'

One down and one to go. If GSP doesn't want to fight any more. I hope they do set up Lawler and Hendrix. It would be an amazing fight. UFC fans deserve a champ at WW that isn't afraid to end the fight early. We would love to bring that WW belt back to Iowa for a fourth time. I don't mean to sound over confident, I just have a strong strong belief. Again to Rob's diehard fans thank you so much. You guys have no idea how happy he is to chat with you all. Best Regards!

At the post fight press conference, Lawler expressed world-class designs on the title.

“I think what we should probably do if Georges takes off for a half a year or a year, Hendricks and I fight for an interim title," said Lawler. "And when Georges comes back, I’ll beat him up, too. Let’s do this.”


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FETT_TFK_El Pescadero site profile image  

1/1/15 10:45 AM by FETT_TFK_El Pescadero

Happy new year to all!!

FETT_TFK_El Pescadero site profile image  

12/24/14 3:53 PM by FETT_TFK_El Pescadero

Merry FEASTMAS Eve coach. Hope you, the champ and all your friends n Fam have a great holiday!! War Robbie

TBidness site profile image  

12/10/14 12:53 PM by TBidness


FinnishMcInnis site profile image  

12/9/14 12:01 PM by FinnishMcInnis

VU dude,pretty different from the Chris Weidman story,ain't it.A guy who started his career back in '01 and finally gets what he deserved.He paid his dues.HE.PAID.HIS.DUES.

TommyRSU site profile image  

12/9/14 11:16 AM by TommyRSU

I watched the fight late on Sunday and when the decision was announced I was literally yelling so fucking loud. Every single neighbor in the building heard me and it's a huge building. My girlfriend asked me if I won the lotto. I was so stoked and happy and when Hughes put the belt on him it was a little dusty. All the hard work... The years of training... To finally pay off? Man. You couldn't quite a better story. Easily my favorite fighter in the game, and has been for a long time.

FETT_TFK_El Pescadero site profile image  

12/8/14 7:34 PM by FETT_TFK_El Pescadero

Good work Coach, I approve of this Victory meal... It's right up Team Fat Kids alley... The addition of Cupcakes to the In N Out is fantastic... Any particular kind the Champ likes ? Or does he just start swinging at whatever comes his way? DoubleDouble or 4x4... Animal style?! Details man details, I'm trying to get off here :)~ lol VU

Galanis site profile image  

12/8/14 5:39 PM by Galanis


krs82 site profile image  

12/8/14 5:35 PM by krs82

CongratsDare I say the most deserving champ of all timeRobbie is the definition of never give up

MMAtador site profile image  

12/8/14 4:56 PM by MMAtador

Cupcakes huh? Interesting one would think a savage like Robbie would sit down to a 2 inch thick porterhouse (rare) of course. Maybe a cupcake for dessert (miesha flavored) u know what I'm saying. Anyway Robbie looked like a little kid walking around with the belt on backstage. It's exciting to see a fighters career come full circle. It's one thing to become a champion it's another to become a true legend. Congrats

FudgePackedByScrapPack site profile image  

12/8/14 3:44 PM by FudgePackedByScrapPack

Been a fan since 06 when I got into mma.I couldn't be more proud of Robbie and it means so much seeing him win that.He is going to be trouble for a lot of ww.