Belfort: My best is yet to come


Vitor Belfor has looked the best in ever has in his last three bouts, earning three consecutive highlight reel knockouts of top ten opponents. However, Belfort believes the best is yet to come:

"I’ll be even better when I return to the Octagon. I know it’s hard to believe that I can get even better than this, but I will. I’ve been training hard, and there are a lot of things that I haven’t done yet. My best is yet to come."

Belfort won’t let the fact that he lost to Silva change his mindset going into a new fight, in case Silva beats Weidman at UFC 168.

"It’s important that you accept the facts," he said. "He surprised me with a kick, and a true champion needs to accept what happened. We can’t control the results, but I can control what I will do about it. The last fight doesn’t mean that the next fight will end the same way."


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gokudamus stole my name iv site profile image  

11/26/13 10:02 AM by gokudamus stole my name iv

"It's not a coincidence Vitor's amazing career peaked like his cohorts, then dipped, then, UNLIKE his cohorts, suddenly had a resurgence and string of highlight KOs as though he were once again young Tyson-esque Belfort"Vitor is only 36 and has had only 34 career fights over 16 years. I also think it's undeniable that he has more natural gifts than most of them -- there's a reason he is called "The Phenom" -- and also undeniable that he has historically been on the flaky side and probably didn't train as consistently as many others. He jumped from camp to camp, he partied with his soap opera star wife, and he relied on his natural gifts to get him through in many ways.If you're saying the reason his cohorts dropped off is because they had low testosterone, there is nothing preventing them getting on TRT.

Y2JB site profile image  

11/26/13 8:16 AM by Y2JB

Great post, people would do well to remember what PED stands for.

DirtyLickinsBrah site profile image  

11/25/13 4:47 PM by DirtyLickinsBrah

Nah...their all cheaters.Ban em all for life!!!

Granola site profile image  

11/25/13 2:42 PM by Granola

This. VU. Everytime this argument comes along someone should link to this post.

Mario Luigi site profile image  

11/25/13 11:16 AM by Mario Luigi

Lol he is so annoying

MattyECB site profile image  

11/25/13 11:13 AM by MattyECB

I hate this straw man argument. No one is saying my fat fucking ass can take PEDs and become Vitor, we're saying amongst a group of people who've dedicated their life to MMA and have spent those thousands of hours of sparring you mention -- amongst that group, if only half of them are getting exogenous testosterone only half of them are accomplishing their, "full potential."It's not a coincidence Vitor's amazing career peaked like his cohorts, then dipped, then, UNLIKE his cohorts, suddenly had a resurgence and string of highlight KOs as though he were once again young Tyson-esque BelfortI still respect Vitor very much and think the issue is more systemic than just resting on his shoulders, but his complete lack of regret or even ability to understand why he's a controversial figure rubs me the wrong way... Also the way he brings up Jesus whenever ppl ask him about TRT lol As though they were related- Vitor, do you understand why some fans and media have criticised you for only fighting in Brazil whilst being on a TRT regiment depite your history of anabolic steroids?- No, no good. No TRT, ees jeessoos. Jeesoos haylp me, and mayku me strong. Peeple towk, awlways towk, but I win. No, no wrong

billcosbiguez site profile image  

11/25/13 10:58 AM by billcosbiguez

Vitor is not the only one who has found a loophole, he is just the best at currently exploiting the loophole. He should be praised for his craftiness rather than derided for his awesomeness.

billcosbiguez site profile image  

11/25/13 10:55 AM by billcosbiguez

I can't believe some peole are so naive. Top atheletes will always look for loopholes.

ThinkMMA site profile image  

11/24/13 5:05 PM by ThinkMMA


HeHitsMeBecauseHeLovesMe site profile image  

11/24/13 4:49 PM by HeHitsMeBecauseHeLovesMe

No, Mir did not rip off Nog's arm. Nog still has both arms. That's all.