McGregor still wants Diego Sanchez next


Only 2-0 in his UFC career, Ireland's Connor McGregor has already received big media coverage for his persona and smack talk outside the cage. McGregor has shown some serious in the cage skills as well, and for his next fight would take on one of the UFC's longest fighting veterans:

“Man I need a fight!” he posted. “I’m pretty sure after Nate (Diaz) and Gray (Maynard) fight I’ll have a opponent. Want Diaz but it will prob be Gray.”

When asked about McGregor instead, Sanchez stated “because the point is to climb the ladder.”

The youngster from Ireland didn’t take to kindly, sending back a message of his own to Sanchez.

“Only reason you haven’t been cut 2 Bellator with the other has-beens is because you defend shots with your nose. 0-4,” he wrote.

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vazzo site profile image  

11/28/13 7:00 AM by vazzo

Mcgaylord should go fuck himself

PermitMeFisticuffsBrother site profile image  

11/28/13 6:45 AM by PermitMeFisticuffsBrother

and I'd like Christina Hendricks to sit on my face. Neither of these are happening.

Naughty Gorilla site profile image  

11/27/13 9:15 PM by Naughty Gorilla

Dana white plans to preemptively give him the belt and the key to south Boston

thebearbohland site profile image  

11/27/13 3:30 PM by thebearbohland

VU I fucking lol at this every time!

Flexo site profile image  

11/27/13 3:10 PM by Flexo

Lol you'll fit in the UG just fine brother.

Phillysliced site profile image  

11/27/13 1:30 PM by Phillysliced

Thanks for the story bro, now I can start hating him

Lobo8 site profile image  

11/27/13 1:10 PM by Lobo8

Basically the story goesIrish dude kicks alot of ass in small local fights. Shows high level striking, countering, use of angles, decent ground. Makes it to the ufc starts to talk so much smack, and not normal kind Chael high level funny smack talk. Gets some buzz going on a facebook prelim fight! Completely owns his first ufc opponent, marcus brimage. 1st round finish. Next fight in even more hype, fights a tougher fighter in max hollaway. Still owns him pretty well, but hurts his knee in the process. Now hes rehabing and talkin a whole lot of funny smack. In a matter of weeks he became one of the biggest european ufc stars. Hes talent is legit and he is clearly going to be a top fighter with a few more fights, maybe even champion....

California site profile image  

11/27/13 1:09 PM by California

exciting fighter and crazy ass Irishman... what's not to like? he has a weird boxing style and he smoked brimage, who's a durable dude. also bested max holloway via dec.

Phillysliced site profile image  

11/27/13 12:52 PM by Phillysliced

I've never seen mcgregor fight , can someone explain why he keeps getting discussed and what he's all about?

California site profile image  

11/27/13 12:14 PM by California

I would love to see Conor kick his arse.