Shogun: Pride Rules were safer

by Kirik Jenness |

I have been asked a few times to name the hardest strike I ever felt. It years ago at a seminar with Shogun and Ninja at Boneyard MMA in Taunton. Shogun asked if anyone wanted to hold a kick shield for his flying knee. I was curious and volunteered.

I flew say 10 feet and landed in a heap.

Then Shogun and Ninja detailed how to soccer kick properly - jump aross landing with a stomp, back kick, soccer kick. It is the scariest MMA technique I ever was shown.

Soccer kicks were of course banned in the North American based Unified Rules, but were allowed under Japan's Pride Rules.

In an interview with MMAJunkie, Mauricio 'Shogun' Rua says that Pride Rules were safer, and he hopes some day they come back.

“For sure, the new rules hinder me,” said Rua. “I think that the rule set from when I fought in Japan was safer than today’s rules. Elbows hurt a lot more than stomps. I had adapted to their rules. So when I came to the UFC, to get comfortable, it took some time. And, truthfully, my fight style relied greatly on stomps and soccer kicks. So to me, the greatest minus when coming to the UFC was the change in rules.”

“I hope that one day, the UFC can legalize foot stomps and soccer kicks. It would be great. I miss it. During the PRIDE era, I have no recollection of anyone getting hurt badly from stomps or soccer kicks. Elbows, in truth, really do hurt an opponent.”

What do you think UG? From a spectators point of view do you prefer Pride Rules or Unified Rules? What do you think is safer?

Rua, 32, fights James Te Huna at UFC Fight Night 3, in Queensland, Australia; the card airs li in the U.S. on Friday, Dec. 6, on FOX Sports 1.

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Hunto's Huckleberries site profile image  

12/22/13 8:29 PM by Hunto's Huckleberries

elbows can't crack a skull you have to hit with a hammer or similar to crack a skull. They can fracture a eye socket but any hard blow can do that. Elbows cut. That's the only point you can make but over all brain, neck and facial damage would be worse from a kick BECAUSE THERE MORE POWERFUL!

Bisping decisioned my SN site profile image  

12/22/13 5:13 PM by Bisping decisioned my SN

Shogun is that you?

kingkoopa site profile image  

12/22/13 3:56 PM by kingkoopa

Lol at thinking elbows to the dome don't cause concussions. Tell that to everyone who's been koed by an elbow whether standing or on the ground.Lol at thinking an impact hard enough to crack your skull doesn't rattle ur brain.I have yet to see any evidence proving that a soccer kick is worse than any other form of ko... Oh wait there isn't any

Bisping decisioned my SN site profile image  

12/22/13 12:21 PM by Bisping decisioned my SN

Anyone who thinks elbows are more powerful and cause more damage than someone like Aldo soccer kicking you in the face is an idiot. You want to not be able to string together sentences before you reach 50? Go get kicked in the head a few times. You want to maybe get a cracked skull go get elbowed by someone like jones. You have not even get concussed though. Two different types of damage but one the damage is irreversible!

Bisping decisioned my SN site profile image  

12/22/13 12:12 PM by Bisping decisioned my SN

One causes a cracked skull the other is more likely to leave you with brain trauma from your brain being rattled... Are you sure you haven't been kicked a few times too many in the head?

Hunto's Huckleberries site profile image  

12/16/13 2:33 PM by Hunto's Huckleberries

I never said it caused death. I never mentioned shoes or bare feet in fact have said that contact should be made with the shin.I just simply stated that they can cause serious concussion and neck injuries and are more dangerous than elbows on the ground. Stop going off on tangents and try and provide some real relevant information on why gnp elbows are more dangerous than stomps and kicks. Because I've provided numbers on force of kicks vs sok tad elbow drop and you just come out with some bullshit pinpoint psi rubbish which i don't even think really even matters because you have failed to show how much pressure a elbow can generate. Based on information I've given I've shown that shogun kicks at 2160 foot pounds and your sok tad elbow drop from a standing position generates far less forcel because it only can move at a failing speed and depends on the weight of the fighter. The simple facts are kicks have more force than punches or elbows so can cause more damage to a downed opponent. No matter which way you spin it the numbers don't lie.

kingkoopa site profile image  

12/16/13 11:43 AM by kingkoopa to this discussion the pelvis is the hardest bone to break.I wouldn't take either discussion worth a grain of salt

kingkoopa site profile image  

12/16/13 11:36 AM by kingkoopa

14.7 is the atmosphereic pressure at sea level. You add 14.7 to any pressure reading done at sea level. You're also comparing apples to oranges again like when you compared kicking a soccer ball with shoes on to kicking a head with bare feet. The amount of pressure applied in order to do something depends on the surface area on which it is applied. The surface area of a head is not 1sq inch.Now that we've established you don't know how pressure relates to surface area.Can you please provide some sort of evidence that a soccer kick means death?

HULC site profile image  

12/16/13 8:42 AM by HULC

According to the discussion on this page: average pressure needed to break a dead female human pelvis is 7 kN, which works out at roughly 700kg (1,540 lbs). The skull is stronger, and a living adult human would certainly have a greater resistance to fracture (on average) than a dead female.

Hunto's Huckleberries site profile image  

12/16/13 6:54 AM by Hunto's Huckleberries

Explain how I'm wrong then genius. If the atmospheric pressure is 14.7psi and 15psi can crush your skull wouldn't our heads get crushed as soon as we went underwater.