Rousey: You have to be willing to die to get in that cage


To promote Saturday's TUF 18 Finale, as well as the UFC 168, Ronda Rousey joined the cast of the NFL on FOX on Thanksgiving day. Rousey was asked about her 17 lb. weight cut in 24 hours that was edited out of the show, and gave her side of why she did it:

"You want to be the best fighter in the world?"?? Rousey said. "You have to be willing to die for your pride in that cage. In order to get there, you have to be willing to die to get in that cage."??

Michael Strahan joked during the segment that Curt Menefee has to cut 20 pounds of weight during the short interview. Rousey, looking pilgrim chic (check out those sleeves), laughed and looked much more affable than she did in most scenes of ??The Ultimate Fighter?? this season.

Being filmed constantly wore on Rousey, she said. For example, she told UFC president Dana White on the show that she would cut the weight and felt like she couldn'??t go back on that promise.

"'Oh no, they got that on camera,'"?? Rousey said she was thinking. "'They'??re going to call me a liar now. I really have to do it now, damn.'"??

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XcessiveZ site profile image  

11/30/13 8:52 PM by XcessiveZ

Lol fighting is not dangerous?Are you joking?

Donoghue88 site profile image  

11/30/13 8:32 PM by Donoghue88

Everyone's giving her a rough time but I like this attitude - one of the first things Ronda said that makes sense

ender852 site profile image  

11/30/13 8:28 PM by ender852

Cyborg isn't some uncrowned ruler of WMMA, she is just a juice monkey cheater that was stripped of her title and decided to fuck off into obscurity instead of getting off the sauce and losing 10 lbs of roid muscle.

JerodR site profile image  

11/30/13 6:35 PM by JerodR

Ronda is in the big show, making the big bucks, and getting the most attention. She can run her mouth as long as she wants. Cyborg wants to shut her up then she knows how to do it.

The Principal site profile image  

11/30/13 5:22 PM by The Principal

Where I am from, when you run your mouth, you should back it up; Ronda talked....then played hard to get. If she never did that then I would agree with your premise. In interviews Ronda clearly stated that the reason why she doesn't meet Cyborg half way is that she wants her at her greatest disadvantage. She's the champ, so it's her prerogative..... just don't be spouting that "willing to die" crap.

hellride site profile image  

11/30/13 5:15 PM by hellride

Exactly, Bruce Lee has said as much as well, Barnett too. To take your thought of victory or defeat out and just fight with your skill. To fear death, is the only way to perform at your very best. (those are all sound snippets) but the logic holds true, to unladen yourself from fear to reach your potential.

hellride site profile image  

11/30/13 5:15 PM by hellride

*Not fear death ^

chalice site profile image  

11/30/13 5:06 PM by chalice

clearly rousey should get out of her UFC contract and sign to fight on invicta internet streams instead of starring in tv shows and headlining ppvs. anything else means that she is a gutless coward.

Poet of Gore site profile image  

11/30/13 4:44 PM by Poet of Gore

yeah man what is up with people wanting to fight in their own weight classes.   I'd much rather whine about people not fighting out of their weightclasses.   GSP ducking JBJ??? stop being such a chicken shit GSP. just do it! you make my pappy sick.  

JerodR site profile image  

11/30/13 4:27 PM by JerodR

Back in Strikeforce when there was both 135lb and 145lb divisions, and before Cyborg got popped Rousey wanted to get the 135lb title and then go after the 145lb title. Unfortunately the UFC does not have a 145lb division so it kind of kills that idea. Until the UFC brings in 145 there is really nothing there.Now, on the other side of the coin Cyborg said there really was a lack of depth/talent in the 145lb weight class so she did want to go down to 135lb for better competition. Cyborg never lived up to her side of this thing either.