Rousey has never watched an episode of herself coaching on TUF 18


Love or hate her, Ronda Rousey is real. She doesn't put on a front for the cameras and what you see is what you get. What that has caused is a polarization of her fans, like we said, love her or hate her. 

The media has speculated how her portrayal on this season of the Ultimate Fighter has affected her public persona, and whether or not it has hurt or helped her 'image.' 

But how has she personally felt she came off as a coach and person on this season? She doesn't know, as she hasn't watched an epsidoe:

"I still haven't watched any of the episodes. If you want to get the real person via a reality TV show you're not going to get the right person. For all I know Kim Kardashian could be a rocket scientist. I'm happy that a lot of people know the girls now and they got to fight on the big stage. I don't have to worry about leaving that Gina Carano void. I feel like I have a couple of heartbroken kids I have to go talk to and I'm stuck here talking to you guys."

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The fact of the matter is that it doesn't really matter if you love Ronda Rousey or hate her, the important thing is that you want to watch her fight. And that sells PPVs.

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Genghis84 site profile image  

12/2/13 5:20 PM by Genghis84

Reality TV exists because there is an endless stream of people who will embarrass themselves for very little money. It's no coincidence that most of the people who go on these shows are struggling waiters and models (aka wannabe actors) from LA. If you create drama and give juicy sound bites, you get lots of airtime. If you don't, you get left on the cutting room floor. That's why Grant, Wootten, and Hill were nonentities this season in favor of a loser like Sharkbait. Ronda got tons of airtime for the same reason. Had she played it smarter, I bet we would have seen her far less.

Pitbull3744 site profile image  

12/2/13 3:43 PM by Pitbull3744

Bro that is a really good point.  I think that deserves its own thread tbh!

The Lurker Below site profile image  

12/2/13 3:35 PM by The Lurker Below

I completely disagree with the opening sentence.Not sure why Ronda gets credit for being "real". If anything shes more fake with all this mean mugging and all the disinterest in apparently everything.You think she acts like that off camera?

Pitbull3744 site profile image  

12/2/13 3:28 PM by Pitbull3744

MMA girls wake up from your fantasy land, Ronda is exactly how they showed her.  They might be able to cut things out and put things in but you cant make someone act a certain way.  Im glad you at least acknowledge that its her fault. 

MMA Girls site profile image  

12/2/13 3:24 PM by MMA Girls

After working on a reality show I don't believe any show. They can edit anything and make it into what they want. They want someone to be the villain..they can make that person seem like a villain. Trust me. Rhonda gave them plenty of footage to work with though, so its her fault.

michaelkaras site profile image  

12/2/13 2:19 PM by michaelkaras

most hate ronda's personality, that much is obvious.that doesn't take away from the fact that she's won all her fights by armbar, and probably will win all of her future fights the same way, and theres not much any of her opponents or detractors can do about it.the fights are what i like to see, so..

Big Pookie site profile image  

12/2/13 2:00 PM by Big Pookie

The video capture in the OP is funny. Everyone is paying Miesha all the attention and Ronda is just sitting there looking all miserable. Kenny is staring at Miesha's tits hardcore, lol.

PoopDooper site profile image  

12/2/13 1:55 PM by PoopDooper

My hatred for this scourge grows everyday.

epwar site profile image  

12/2/13 10:18 AM by epwar

Rousey has never watched an episode of TUF 18 No wonder the ratings were at a record low!

C0NAN site profile image  

12/2/13 10:12 AM by C0NAN

At the time, I was disgusted that a roided Cyborg was calling out Rousey, who is clearly 15-20 lbs lighter in lean weight.How many people hate on Cyborg now for trying to fight Rousey?It took a lot of BS to destroy the public good will she had.