Griffin: Ex-fighters should not be judges


It's pretty clear that MMA has a judging problem. What's not clear is how to fix it. Educating judges is of course the first solution, but the idea of using ex-fighters to judge is also out there. 

Forrest Griffin, now retired from MMA, believes that although that answer would provide knowledgeable judges, it wouldn't be the best solution:


"Did Johny Hendricks get screwed? Maybe a little bit, but it's not the worst thing I've ever seen in MMA. It's not a fixable problem, is what I'm saying. You're doing the best you can. ... It's just, there's so many flaws in the judging system. You can change the system, you can change the scoring system, you can make it like Pride where it's the totality of the fight -- whatever the hell that means -- but it's always going to be difficult.

"I'm not saying it works. I'm not saying it doesn't work. I'm just saying, I haven't seen, laid out, detail for detail, the better system. I'm still looking for it. Pride wasn't the better system. I haven't seen a better system in Europe, I haven't seen a better system in South Africa. You show me a better system and I'm willing to get onboard. But I just need to see that system before I abandon this one."


"No, they shouldn't, because they're biased towards the way they fought. I'd be biased towards more active guys that maybe didn't have a lot of power, because I never had a lot of power. You have those main biases that you cannot strip away. ... I don't care who you are. Me and Matt Hughes are not going to see eye-to-eye if a kickboxer fights a wrestler.

"I just got to know [a few judges] recently, and they watch tapes. They've seen every fight. They've seen as many fights as you, and more fights than me. So that's how you learn. You learn just by watching. You don't have to do it."


"Here's the deal, I'll judge the fights. I'll judge all the fights. Here's what we're going to do: I'm going to take a video home, I'm going to study it... but I'm not going to tell you who the champion is until Sunday morning. I'm going to have to go home with a couple pots of coffee and watch the fight a couple times, and then I'll tell you who actually won.

"You'll get up (on Sunday), it'll be like Christmas presents. It'll be like you can't wait for Santa."

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So what do you think UG, should the UFC or ACs employe ex high-level fighters to serve as judges after their careers are over?

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Osbot site profile image  

12/4/13 12:15 PM by Osbot

I've got the rules we should force the UFC to implement.1st RULE: Fights will go on as long as they have to.2nd RULE: If someone says "stop" or goes limp, taps out the fight is over.Boom. Problem solved guys.OR IS IT.

KnockoutThoughts site profile image  

12/4/13 7:46 AM by KnockoutThoughts

Longer rounds fixes judging. 15 minute rounds has less fighters surviving rounds. I can't see a fighter circling for 15 minutes without something happening. Longer rounds. That's the answer. Judges will always be corrupted by money as long as gambling exists. Look at any controversial decision in the UFC and it could have been remedied with a longer round. GSP vs Hendricks. Someone would have won decisively. Either GSP would have finished it when Hendricks was exhausted, or Hendricks would have found a way to turn off the lights. More like a real fight and less fighters working the clock like they do now. 2 fifteen minute rounds or 3 ten minute rounds. Easiest fix. Everything being suggested about .5 points would only further complicate things. It makes judges jobs even more technical and I highly doubt their competence.

Y2JB site profile image  

12/4/13 3:26 AM by Y2JB

The whole judging thing has been blown out of proportion quite a bit. Hendricks didn't get screwed, it was close & maybe he won but it was in no way a robbery.<br /><br />Dana has his part to play in all this, he needs to choose his words more carefully or better yet, say nothing sometimes.

dannyapodaca site profile image  

12/3/13 7:36 PM by dannyapodaca

Dude has had to many punches to the head

CaptainAhab site profile image  

12/3/13 7:28 PM by CaptainAhab

I am so glad Forrest retired from fighting so he can get back to doing what he does well: generating semi-interesting, half warm thoughts.

KingofBJJ site profile image  

12/3/13 7:14 PM by KingofBJJ

At lease someone in the MMA world is talking sense.  If DW said judges shouldn't be fighters, this forum would be saying the same thing.

tenchu site profile image  

12/3/13 4:48 PM by tenchu

This, and a non-fighter can still have a bias for a certain fighting style.

TFK_BOZY site profile image  

12/3/13 2:43 PM by TFK_BOZY

1/2 point system and 5 judges imo

donkypunch55 site profile image  

12/3/13 2:11 PM by donkypunch55


Ben CQ site profile image  

12/3/13 1:19 PM by Ben CQ

It's nice to see someone with a profile throw that viewpoint out there.As a judge who never fought, you always hear that argument about having to fight to understand scoring but I really don't see it. It's just about applying a rigid system to a set of situations. The only time most people complain is when a decision doesn't go the way that they thought it would anyhow.