Mark Bocek proposes old school solution to today's judging problem


Canadian UFC lightweight Mark Bocek has been fighting in the UFC for over six years, and offered an old school solution to the judging problem that is bedeviling the sport right now.

New idea on the current scoring system...

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This comes straight from Firas Zahabi, and after giving it some thought I love the idea. Since the current scoring system favours strikers, (I take you down and we get restarted, I take you down at the end of the round and the next round starts standing).

Here is the solution, for non title fights there would be 1 continuous 15 min round and for title fights, 1 continuos 25 min round. No restarts and there would be much more finishes and less room for judging error. Also it would bring back the reality aspect of MMA which was its original intention.

I would love for this to happen, as it would be much more fair between fighters. Pride had its first round scheduled for 10 min, remember how exciting those fights were??? Fighters would have to pace themselves accordingly or suffer the consequences of gassing (more finishes), but it wouldn't be too long to be boring, just a continuos round.

What do you guys think? This sport should be closer to reality than it currently is and it would become more exciting.


What do you think UG? Was there ever a doubt as to who won when Sergio Batarelli's International Vale Tudo Championship had 30 minute rounds? And is there a market for it?

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CainPoundedMyOldSN site profile image  

12/5/13 10:15 PM by CainPoundedMyOldSN

and idk how great this is but the grinder style - career wise - is the LEAST safe of all. its worked for what? one guy ultimately? maybe 2. chael and George. George has a country and the broads, Chael is pseudo performance minded

CainPoundedMyOldSN site profile image  

12/5/13 10:03 PM by CainPoundedMyOldSN

the problem is that some fighters, not many but a few. feel like its all about competition and columns. getting the belt by getting the right letter in the right column no matter how it looks. theyre doing it for their family, themselves and really, it makes no difference if the audiemce is even there. theyre in there competing with the best in the world abd realistically, you should be grateful to get to watch. they arent shy about admitting as much in awkward post fight interviews, ears still ringing from wave upon wave of boos. the fact is that to an extent, they are right. purses are structured so that depending on win or loss, letter and column, take-home is up to HALF as much. if not for the discretionary bonuses/ performance incentives and alternative mind-sets/ mentalities, logically its a no-brainer. the alternative mindset of course is the more "performance" inclined fighters. by comparison they are quite open/ adamant about the importance of the fans and being impressive to watch. one could say that their approach, in light of the win/ loss based payment structure, is somewhat unwise. the arguement can also be made to the contrary with so much money being earned by the top guys in performance incentives/ ppv points. i personally feel that the truth is somewhere in the middle... as it usually is. but as long as the payment structure/ earning potential is marred by such seemingly contradictory clauses, youre always going to have the two factions/ camps.

Beefy Wellington site profile image  

12/5/13 2:39 PM by Beefy Wellington

It would completely change everything forever.

Winston Wolf site profile image  

12/5/13 1:48 PM by Winston Wolf

Mark I like ur fights but nobody here works for UFC or has any pull into what goes on Just stating opinions on a forum

Winston Wolf site profile image  

12/5/13 1:45 PM by Winston Wolf

plenty of street fights on youtube For UFC to be mainstream and on tv it has to have rules

Kostakio site profile image  

12/5/13 9:30 AM by Kostakio

street fight:)I know that sounds messed up, but I like seeing combat that's 'as real as it gets'.

Mark Bocek site profile image  

12/5/13 9:24 AM by Mark Bocek

Funny how everyone seems to know exactly the direction UFC is heading in, done with this thread...

LibraryCard site profile image  

12/5/13 9:20 AM by LibraryCard

The reality is the UFC would never implement this without seeing it work in another organization first (if it does). We need a guinea pig organization try this out with decent mma talent (ie. bellator, one fc, wsof, etc). As of right now we can't really conclude whether the fights would be better or worse. The athletes today are well rounded, skilled and in way better shape unlike the early days. If the fights end up to be boring (less finishes more lay and pray), even if more realistic I would prefer the round system. It's all about being entertained at the end of the day. The best would be no time limit, soccer kicks, stomps, knees on the ground and elbows. Also have it in a ring with a bunch of bikini clad hotties surrounding the ring to keep the fighters inside. Dangerous for the fighters but the entertainment would be great, oh and also bring back tournaments with 2 fights in one night.

Winston Wolf site profile image  

12/5/13 8:44 AM by Winston Wolf

Mark I am glad to see you post and I didnt intend to out your team down.I almost always root for them to win .

Winston Wolf site profile image  

12/5/13 8:19 AM by Winston Wolf

UFC 1 was not a sport it was a street fight in a cage Now it has rounds and rules and is a sport.Take your pick