UFC increasing PPV price for UFC 168


Today it was revealed that the price for the UFC 168 PPV in high definition will be $59.95, where it previously had been $54.95. The UFC is more than likely taking after big boxing fights, who charge more for a big fight. 

The news is noteworthy because previously UFC President Dana White had said he would 'never' increase PPV prices:

UFC President Dana White makes it as plain as he can that prices for UFC pay-per-views aren't going up: "I'll f**king go on record right now and say I will not raise pay-per-view," White said. "I won't do it." 

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PrettyBoy site profile image  

12/6/13 7:32 PM by PrettyBoy

This is the stupidest argument ever. The quality of the card can easily be determined prior to the fights occurring. This is done simply based off of the level of the fighters competing and how anticipated and competitive the matchups are.By your logic people should be scratching their heads wondering if they should order A Tuff Man Tournament or World Championship Boxing on HBO. Or Perhaps Felony Fights instead of the UFC... because who knows which fights will turn out to be more exciting right?It's retarded... People want to see the best in the world competing regardless of how exciting they are. That's why the top draw in Boxing is Mayweather and the top in MMA is GSP. They want to see matchups that are competitive to the point you don't know who will win. Usually meaning another extremely high ranked fighter.Recent example GSP vs undisputed #1 Hendrix Therefore you can easily determine how stacked a card is just by looking at which ones have the highest ranked fighters competing against each other.It's not rocket science.

BlueWrapper site profile image  

12/6/13 2:13 PM by BlueWrapper

Me too. Only other card I bought this year was Spider Weidman 1. I'll get this one too but if Anderson loses or retires I don't imagine I'll buy ppvs at all anymore.

MMAhaiku site profile image  

12/6/13 12:44 PM by MMAhaiku

How can anyone determine the quality of a card until its over? We've all seen great cards on paper be stinkers and lackluster cards be dynamite. If you need names to sell you a fight, you could be a starfucker and might be more entertained with TMZ than MMA. Also, 100 was a milestone only in that we assigned value to an arbitrary number that wasn't even the 100th televised event. Lucky for us, we created a buzz for it and they stacked it with 2 title fights.

TecHNieK site profile image  

12/6/13 8:52 AM by TecHNieK

Are people really bitching about a $5 increase? id understand if it was $10 or more but 5 bucks? -__________-

Tilla site profile image  

12/6/13 5:32 AM by Tilla

No, just no.100 was a MILESTONE in MMA. That's a fact.You think a rematch between two dudes is bigger than that? Haha. Good luck with that...The UFC have GOT to start giving us top quality cards from top to bottom. Those Brazil cards are horrendous, the US cards are going the same way.

BOOMheadshot site profile image  

12/6/13 3:20 AM by BOOMheadshot

Keep the change, ya filthy animal

Yussarian site profile image  

12/5/13 11:52 PM by Yussarian

This. If the UFC is in need for cash, start collecting it outside of the US.

RKing85 site profile image  

12/5/13 11:20 PM by RKing85

I really don't think this card is going to do even a million buys.

Kanabull site profile image  

12/5/13 10:43 PM by Kanabull

I could be wrong about this, but isn't the US pretty much the only country left stupid enough to continue buying PPVs?I know most European countries have ESPN Live which is like $50 a year and comes with all the UFC "PPVs".

The Fella site profile image  

12/5/13 10:43 PM by The Fella

"People are increasingly watching our PPVs illegally online, we're having more and more free events every year, our PPV sales are declining as we spread the few marketable stars we have over more events. What should we do? We should definitely raise the price of our pay-per-views."   The decline is due to poor quility of cards.....   A tRue stacked card should have 5 fights with high caliber top of the food chain rutheless warriors ready to engage.