Pettis will be out six to eight months, wants Diaz on return

by Chris Palmquist |

UFC lightweight champion Anthony Pettis was originally scheduled to defend his title next weekend at the UFC on FOX 9 in Sacramento. Pettis unfortunately injured his knee and tonight told UFC Tonight that he will be out for six to eight months: “The doctor said six to eight months. I’m hoping six months, so hopefully I’ll be back for a July fight.”

Although the layoff will be the division on hold a bit, there should be no need for an interim champion. Originally scheduled to face TJ Grant, then Josh Thomson, there really will be no idea who the number one contender will be when Pettis returns.

Pettis does however have some ideas as to who he'd like to fight upon his return: "“Nate Diaz has been talking so much. He looked pretty decent in his last fight. I hope he works his way up and we get to fight.”



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TwentyNineTwentyEight site profile image  

12/5/13 9:33 PM by TwentyNineTwentyEight

I hope he can get back to 100%.  I saw him last year at the RFA in Milwaukee and he was limping then. I was surprised he was able to beat Henderson. Being in Chicgao and seeing what Derrick Rose is going through, I hope he can recover to compete at that level. 

Chiron site profile image  

12/5/13 9:01 PM by Chiron

You're right. I was wrong. I read the cardinal mistake of reading the headline without reading what Pettis actually said. I should've known better, knowing how headlines are often misleading. I'll try not to mess up like that again. After reading what Pettis actually said, it made sense. I'd be saying the same thing in his shoes.

Chiron site profile image  

12/5/13 9:01 PM by Chiron

I made the cardinal mistake, not read. lol

Hadukon site profile image  

12/5/13 6:49 PM by Hadukon

I like grant to but he's no longer unquestionably the #1 contender like before when he first beat gray. I still say he deserves it the most since he Gilbert, Nate, Bendo all recently lost their title fights and Thompson only has 1 win in the UFC compared to TJ's 5-0 streak. But now you got guys like Khabib whose also 5-0 and Dos Anjos whose on 4 win streak, plus Melendez and Nate both put a beating on their last opponent. It's best TJ takes another fight to get more expirence against top 5 guys

FreakDaddy site profile image  

12/5/13 6:32 PM by FreakDaddy

I don't blame you for your fear of Grant.....I have no problem with Gilbert being in the mix as he beat Bendo in my opinion.....I just think Grant should be next bro.......He has five solid wins, including wins over Roller, Dunham, and a stoppage over Wiman in addition to the destruction of Grey.........Not too shabby.........

I LOVE DIAZ  (no homo) site profile image  

12/5/13 11:15 AM by I LOVE DIAZ (no homo)

So how come the picture shows up on the phone but not on the pc.

Sam9104 site profile image  

12/5/13 9:50 AM by Sam9104

If Thompson loses his next fight, Diaz should be pushed closer to the title fight, just after TJ. However, TJ is still suffering from concussion and it's effect, will he be able to fight?

JJarvis_6 site profile image  

12/5/13 9:46 AM by JJarvis_6

Diaz whips that ass homie lol jk let's be real worst possible match up for diaz .. But still hope diaz wins WAR NATE

Yussarian site profile image  

12/5/13 4:05 AM by Yussarian

Agreed. TJ should be the first one to get a shot at Pettis. If that's too long of a wait, Diaz vs. TJ Grant would make a lot of sense. I have the feeling there is enough time for this when it comes to Pettis. Injures easily.

rkm456 site profile image  

12/5/13 3:06 AM by rkm456

because frankie edgar only fights in rematches.