Barry: I don't suck on the ground


Pat Barry is one of the heavyweight divisions most exciting fighters and is never one to shy away from a brawl. His style has endeared him to fans, but also caused him to be on both sides of knockouts. When he has gone to the ground in fights, he has been submitted three times in the UFC, but that doesn't mean he's a good ground fighter, just ask him:

“I should be faster. I should be capable of moving more than he does. That should be the plan and honestly, I think I hit harder than he does if not harder,” Barry stated. “So that’ll be good to my advantage also since I am sort of a small package.”

“He’s as tall as he is wide, like he’s all around just a big guy. So, if he is capable of getting the fight to the ground, he’s going to have the somewhat upperhand. But, I don’t necessarily suck on the ground either. I’d like to keep it standing as much as possible,” Barry added.

“Regardless of what anybody on the planet says, people would rather see two guys punch and kick each other than they would like to see guys wrestle and submit each other.”

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UGCTT_granite007 site profile image  

12/5/13 10:28 PM by UGCTT_granite007


C Riv site profile image  

12/5/13 10:21 PM by C Riv

HD Rules! He needs to go back to incorporating his crippling leg kicks

CainPoundedMyOldSN site profile image  

12/5/13 10:17 PM by CainPoundedMyOldSN


The Nastyness site profile image  

12/5/13 10:13 PM by The Nastyness

BTW speaking of his standing skills...look at the match against Antoni Hardonk. Yes Hardonk is not a great MMA fighter, but he was a great kickboxer, and Barry shut him out.Go ahead and flame away about how Cro Cop submitted him with a "security guard choke"...but point being...if you stand with Pat, it's a horrible idea. Unless you're Kongo...ugh...

The Nastyness site profile image  

12/5/13 10:08 PM by The Nastyness

I might be wrong on this, I've seen most of his fights but I'm pretty sure I'm right on this one...Even the matches HD lost...he has ALWAYS hurt someone standing...every person he faces he hurts standing, he either goes in too fast or they get it to the ground.Pat will hurt any HW fighter, its all a matter if he can finish up this match, I know he can!

MickColins site profile image  

12/5/13 5:03 PM by MickColins

Pat only sucks standing. Preferably with a tall partner or a ladder involved.

DJmixmasterMobbie site profile image  

12/5/13 5:01 PM by DJmixmasterMobbie

in for Thugrose

white site profile image  

12/5/13 5:00 PM by white

You should try letting a heavyweight hit you cleanly and see what happens. Those guys pack a metric shitton of power from the top of the roster to the bottom. Also, why are you making your douchey statement as though you're speaking directly to Barry - is that something you'd say to his face? Or do you just feel the need to be extra douchey because he posts here and is a generally cool dude to fans? I dont get it.

Jim York site profile image  

12/5/13 4:45 PM by Jim York

you might not suck on the ground but your chin sucks.

MrHughes1991 site profile image  

12/5/13 4:41 PM by MrHughes1991

I hope Barry wins by highlight reel ko