'Bigfoot' Silva planning to submit Hunt in UFN 33 main event


The main event of Friday's Ultimate Fight Night 33 features heavyweights Mark Hunt and Antonio Silva, both known for the heavy hands and willingness to trade. However, 'Bigfoot' Silva believes he has a big advantage on the ground, and hopes to finish Hunt with a submission:

"He’s a striker with a huge experience, did some great fights at K-1, so the perfect way to win this fight would obviously be using my jiu-jitsu," Silva told MMAFighting.com. "I’ve trained a lot of jiu-jitsu and wrestling, but I also worked on my striking game. The fight starts standing and I have to be prepared for everything.

"If I see some openings to end the fight standing, I will. I’ve always did great against strikers, like Alistair Overeem, Travis Browne, Fedor Emelianenko. I’ll go for the knockout if I have the opportunity, but taking him to the ground will be my game plan."

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John M site profile image  

12/5/13 10:06 PM by John M

Hunt cannot let this go to the ground. Bigfoot has a really good ground game. Hunt let Stefan Struve mount him, and while Struve is good on the ground, Hunt was able to get out from his mount a few times.  But a Bigfoot mount is a different animal from a Struve mount. If Hunt gets mounted by Bigfoot, this fight is over. And vice versa if it stays on the feet too long. This fight is really about who's gonna have the better wrasslin'

time traveling 12er site profile image  

12/5/13 9:51 PM by time traveling 12er

Lol, seriously.  I'm not Fedor nut hugger but "fat russian guy?" That being said, it's not the most shocking thing in the world to hear a fighter is going to go after his opponents greatest weakness.

HenryO site profile image  

12/5/13 8:58 PM by HenryO

Opposite. Hunts only chance is a punchers chanceId favor a hungry Bigfoot to get this down and finish him there.What top level HW has tried to fight Hunt on the ground and not had success?But there's always Bigfoots chin, so who knows. Lookin forward to the scrap

HenryO site profile image  

12/5/13 8:55 PM by HenryO

a fat russian guythis is what the ug's come to?get the fuck outta here

HenryO site profile image  

12/5/13 8:54 PM by HenryO

holy shit thats stupid

jmont site profile image  

12/5/13 8:53 PM by jmont


donkey guard site profile image  

12/5/13 8:51 PM by donkey guard

And I plan to eat healthy for the holiday season.

The Brool Story Company site profile image  

12/5/13 8:37 PM by The Brool Story Company

Bigfoot is one of the most intense guys in staredowns, super lol@Hunt faking a takedown. I love Mark Hunt (yes homo)

LyotoBundy site profile image  

12/5/13 8:36 PM by LyotoBundy

Hunt via hard leg kicks and eventual left hook/right straight combo KO.

DoomFarmer site profile image  

12/5/13 8:35 PM by DoomFarmer